Are you a real Rocker or no?!

A Rockers test... The test is for becoming a R.R.L group member This group is made to share skills/discuss/talk about the Rock writing and singing, learning and playing, about any type of Rock (yes any type of REAL ROCK) and so Rockers?! S.o.l.e greet you!!! The group is for real rock lovers and not every one can join us. Just for joining us the S.o.l.e has designed a short test which you can find in here After completing the test just leave your score in comments section If you will complete the test you will get an invitation.

You wanna know if you are a real Rock Lover? Do you know anything about guitar? Do you play it? Than come in and test yourself. After go to your ultimate-guitar profile and tha search me vigenharutyunya than find there a R.R.L group link and leave there your comment

Created by: The S.o.l.e of this site
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  1. A real rock lover must now some basics... How many guys where in Beatles
  2. What about their first album?! When was it released
  3. The Rocker must know who was the greatest guitarist (or at least one of them)
  4. What about Rock fascism?? I mean what you sink about other musical types? Do you try to teach everybody to a real music?
  5. Classic Rock what is it?
  6. Do you now TABs or Standart notation?
  7. Just if a guy says that Rock is sh*t what will you answere?!
  8. Which one is the standard guitar tuning
  9. He created a great Guitar making company in 1946
  10. An effect that Clapton used a lot
  11. How often do you listen to a rock??
  12. What does a guitarist holds in his right hand while playing (not always)??
  13. Where does the guitar cable pluggs in
  14. What a Rock is about
  15. Whene was Rock created?!

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Quiz topic: Am I a real Rocker or no?!