how much of a rock fan are you?

Many people love bands like AC/DC and Nirvana. You probably have listened to them in the past too. But how well do you actually know them. Take my quiz to see if you are a rocker, or if you should be listening to Britney Spears!

Are YOU a true rocker. Do you know every lyric, lead singer, and guitarist. Take my quiz and find out if you are a real rocker or a real rock poser!!!

Created by: tee man
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  1. How did Bon Scott of AC/DC die?
  2. Who sings "Welcome to the Jungle"?
  3. How did the lead singer of Nirvana die?
  4. How many albums did AC/DC release?
  5. Which band doesn't have a greatest hits CD?
  6. How many members are there in the band Nirvana?
  7. Which member of KISS likes to stick out his toungue?
  8. Who took Bon Scott's lead singer position after he died?
  9. Who sings "Pour Some Sugar on Me"?
  10. What is the first word said in the song TNT?

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Quiz topic: How much of a rock fan am I?