The Best Rock Quiz in the History of Rock Quizzes

From the day I was born the radio was up and my head was BANGING! From Motorhead to Metallica to Van Halen. Over the years I have come to know everything about rock n roll. Now It's time to share my vast knowledge of it all with you.

This is a quiz of MY LIFE. ROCK N ROLL! You answer to many wrong your a loser, careful. You cheat your a poser you ace your awesome... you pass and your alright I guess. The stakes are high... so ROCK N ROLL

Created by: Quinn

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  1. Who originally performed the song: Running with the Devil?
  2. Which of these songs were NOT in the radio station V-Rock on the video game Grand Theft Auto Vice City
  3. Which of these singers DIDN'T quit their bands to make their own
  4. Which of these band aren't from the 80's?
  5. True or False The band members from ACDC (Bon Scott not Brian Johnson) are from Australia
  6. complete the lyrics "I Raise a Toast to all of us who are breaking our backs everyday..."
  7. What song was that last question and who was it by?
  8. Complete the lyrics "Turned to Steel in the Great Magnetic Field..."
  9. Which modern heavy metal band did a cover for Holy Diver by Dio
  10. Who did the song: Godzilla
  11. Which of the following singers are gay or lesbian
  12. People say hair bands like Kiss, Poison, Warrant, Def Leppard etc. Kiss has made a few songs that were not about sex. Which of these songs IS about sex, by Kiss.
  13. Complete the lyrics "I See a Line of Cars and They're All painted Black..."
  14. Which of the Following bands don't Exist?
  15. Who is the Guitarist for Van Halen?
  16. who is the guitarist for Aerosmith?
  17. which band did the song 2 minutes to midnight
  18. complete the lyrics "No place for to run, no place for hidin baby you pull the trigger of my"
  19. who did the song sharp dressed man
  20. What is YOUR favorite quote
  21. why did you come here?

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