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  • AW HELL NAW!That little witch is back. I seriously feel now that Clydonia is 100000000000 times more evil than Erica.

    Okay, so here's a side note. Patch is by far my favorite character in the book. But in the last few chapters have been all about him. I bet those other-guy lovers want a chapter to do with some other guy. Maybe it would be better if we took a couple of the next chapters and made them about Erica(Where is she?) or Jack, or... I don't know. If you have some chapters prewrote post them, but keep in mind that it shouldn't be all about Patch. Okay. *Proceeds to fangirl over Patch and wait for Part 39*

  • Oh my gosh! I have been waiting for this O_O Honestly, I thought I was seriously falling in love with Patch until Cyndonia told me that. I still don't trust Patch though.. >.> I have to talk to Cyndonia again.. Wonder why she came.. :P And please please please *stares with puppy dog eyes* include like a romantic scene with Jack ;) Next part!!!

  • Name- Annabelle Ceaser
    Age- however old _____ is.

    Looks- bright blue eyes, wavy blond hair that arrived at her hips. 5ft tall, beautiful smile.

    Personality- Sticks out from the crowd a bit, likes to dance, considered as the loner because she has trust issues. x

  • aserqweiuerapi-EEE! Damn it, Patch! After all this stuff and him being difficult for how long... I still love him. That seductive, arrogant, stubborn fallen angel... it was so cute, TRB! X3 and of course, CYDONIA has to ruin the moment -.-'

    Now that the Patch drama is mostly over (minus the Jack aspect of that), how about Josh or Calisto? We (unless my memory is failing me which is very well may be) haven't seen too much of them around. Not to say that I didn't appreciate the extended time with Patch (I definitely did ;) ), but I'd like to get to spend time with the other guys too (because I'm so focused in on Patch, which is scary because I never just choose one guy in a story...)

    P.S. two updates so quickly; it's awesome, TRB ^^ except, you're catching up to me... again, so I need to go move my self and finish my own part 39 XP

    P.P.S. Oh right, part 39 soon! :D

  • WOAH...WOAH....what do I see here? Two quizzes in one week. You are super my friend! I'm in love with Patch but I completely agree with @booknerd224, let's let the other ladies have a chance with their guys. I could read about Patch all day but I do feel bad about leaving the guys astray. I was soooo happy unitl Cyndonia came along. I hope I get to fight this girl. AND I WANT MY POWERS BACK!!!

  • Im in love with PATCH bro i cant even put it in words but i feel bad for the other guys and why does SHE have to ruin everthing anyways next part please;)

  • My heart is having this weird reaction. Erm, I said it! I actually said it. Gahhh...Patch and I, I can see it. Why isn't he real, TRB? Make him real for me! PleasE?

  • YES. Patch really loves me *-*
    Amazing like always!
    I'd like more Jack and Patch time ;)
    Jake and Calisto, too!?
    Part 39 soon please!

  • i am just as BIPOLAr as i would normally be in real life this story is so epic!!!! Reckless can you please review my story DBZ love (fanfictio)???? PART 39-** Please Hurry HURRy HURRY this is my dailiy dose of DRAMA!!!!

    music monster J
  • oh my geekyswagger. I'm completey gobsmacked, flabberghasted. Always had been and will be Mrs. Patch. 143 Patch, i love you. Next part please

  • Another part already!!? ;o

    Ohmygawd you are too amazing, i cant eve- gahhhh!! Team Patch all the way!! *waits for part 39*

  • I want to punch you. WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY? If you ask this I'll get mad. I dunno if I like Jake anymore...Yes i do, no I dont, yes, no, yes, no...er maybe. *screams* I DONT IKNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!!

  • Where are you:(

  • Loved it part 39 asan (as soon as now)


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