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  • Hold on, I never said my opinion on her flirting with Calisto. I won't be able to sleep without saying that. *props up list* ahem, Cydonia this is for you. First of all, what's with the formality? Don't knock on the door barge in, I could've waited outside the door or not even be home and you would've waited for hours while I was invisable. Second, you can't just think I know everything. Why are my powers so important to you anyways? Here, take them. No seriously, if you get out of my face and never bother me again all of this wouldn't be nessesary. However... you'd still be number three. I might not have my powers, but I'd find a way... trust me I've already finished making the plans for infiltrating Erika's fortress (no really, I have it all written down) so if you WANT to take over the world or whatever I'll be there to stop you... powers or not >:) Thirdly... DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY CALISTO *calms down* you're lucky I have self control. Let's get this straight, okay deary, Calisto Is MINE. If you're flirting with him just to piss me off, it's working, but while you're at it you should tap dance through a mine field (oh would I love to see that) Seriously, you can mess with me all you want... but when you mess with Calisto *puts on shades* BAD things happen kay? Do you understand what I'm saying or do I have to write you a letter? No, you got it? Okay good... you're still number three though

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • MOMMY!!!!!DADDY!!!! !NO!!!!!!! *walks out of room* *comes back with that totally awesome COD gun from when Erika's pet shark attacked Alex* Oh, it is ON, girl! You and Erika are BOTH going down! *hands gun to Alex*

    me:shoot her and her evil men if they try to make a run for it

    Alex: sure thing, Angel

    me:*rolls my eyes* I thought I said not to call me that?

    Alex: yeah. I wasn't listening *gins*

    me: yeah, I figured. *takes out wand mentioned a few quizzes ago* Stand back, my sexy hot rods, I don't wanna hurt y'all. *points want at Cydonia* CRUCIO!

    Cydonia: *screams in terrible pain*

    Alex: *shoots evil M.I.B. till they're dead* *drops gun and kisses me*

    me: drops wand and wraps arms around Alex* I luv ya forever, baby

    Alex: ditto, Angel

    XD I like to do this kind of stuff; it's hilarious, and it brightens my mood

  • Written as I read the story: Strange burn mark, I still have no clue what happened o.O Patch... :/ Cydonia... OH :O whoa! Now there's TWO b****es to look out for? Meh, Erika's more evil... this girl's a wanna-be - wait... WHAT just happened? OH HE** NO! WHAT THE FR- Cydonia. You are so idiotic to mess with my family because do you know what you just did? (Cydonia: no duh, I just killed your parents) No. You just signed your own death certificate. Have fun in h*ll, lady. Out of the two? Erika. As much as I now hate Cydonia, Erika has done more, is more evil, more manipulative, and more number villain worthy than Cydonia will ever reach. Yes, I just insulted Cydonia for her lack of super-villainess, take that, Cydonia >:( I'm sorry, I'm just really really really riled up and hateful right now towards Cydonia -.-

  • I'M SOOOOO GLAD THIS ONE IS OUT!!!!!! When I saw it I literally screamed. Of course my parents got mad at me for screaming over 'nothing', but this is not nothing! Omg I love your series. To anwser the question, can I do them both? I mean, Erika sucks but she just killed my parents in front of me. Wth? If I had my powers, she would be incinerated where she stood the second she walked into my house. BTW where's Patch?! I hope he isn't still mad at me.... Please continue!

  • 1st. Yay it's out
    2nd. WHERE IS PATCH!

    3rd. I am going to kill that little girl with three jobs

    4th. I need the next one
    5th. Give the next one out quick
    6th. I can't believe that happened
    7th. I loved this!!!
    8th. Firetruck I hate them
    9th. Cydonia must die
    10th. OMG

  • Just my luck, another enemy, she killed my parents, i will destroy her, i am a goddess so i must have powers that were'nt taken away. Cydonia u going down

  • Holy crap on a firetrucking stick!!!! My heart skipped a beat on the last sentence, no joke!!! I will cut Cydonia. And Erika. I swear on my love of smosh: THEY. WILL. PAY.

  • Where the HELL is Patch when I need him!!!!! >:( I don't care about Erika right now I'm going to kill Cyndonia...I will make her suffer >:( Ohmygod recklessbam how could you *tears*

  • i hate you.... oh what am i saying I LOVE YOU!!!!!! AND THIS SERIES!!!!!! oh my god!!!!! oh my *curses in spanish and english and german and then a little of itallian* Oh i love this series so much!!! ......... hey when is the main character is going to get mad .... then her godess oawers will come up and kill them alll!! muahahahahha.. O.O whia that is very creepy from me :3 im eating pancakes... hehehhee

  • My soul just cracked! I need the next part! And know I need to go hunt down Erika and Cydonia and kill them with my bare hands! Ta-Ta for now.

  • okay right heres an actual comment now....my last one was written when I was in shock from how freakin' awesome this part was.

    Three words: I.kill.Cydonia

  • ok this is what im going to do from tomorrow and on: i will write down what i thought in every question... :) please make the next one

  • Can I say both? If not it would have to be Cydonia because she just killed "my" parents in front of me! No one kills them and lives to tell the tale! That B---- is going down!

    elf maiden
  • ahhhhhh I can't wait any longer!!!!! make the next one already!!!!! I love this series!!!!!!!

  • Probably Erika cydonia was bluffing

  • I AM SO GONNA KILL CYdONIA!!>=(( something like that)

  • whens the next parrtt??? I want to see cydonia get killed! >:)


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