Teenage Chronicle Part 1

Welcome to the beginning of Teenage Chronicle. I'm in a REALLY good mood today because I got to meet One Direction, yes! I met my number one Celebrity crush, Harry Styles (':

Today One Direction signed my CD, yay! Harry held my hand :3 and Liam gave me a high five and winked at me. I cried tears of joy, no lie. IDK what else to write, so enjoy! BTW the main characters should be coming up in part 2 or 3.

Created by: TheRecklessBam

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  1. "Are you excited?" Ezra asked parking her black Toyota into a small space. "I'm not sure. I prefer summer vacation." I said. It was the beginning of my sophomore year. Ezra and I were sitting outside of my new school, Everlast High School. I was nervous, not excited. I haven't gone to school in a while. "Are you going to be able to handle this?" Ezra pulled the keys out of the ignition. "Sure. It's not like I'm not worrying about the guys or anything." I said stepping out of the car. It's been three months since I've last heard about he guys. Three months since they dropped me off in Colorado with Ezra at her dad's house. Three months of worrying. Three months of agony. Xavier, Ezra's dad, said it would take awhile, but I didn't expect it to take months. "I'm sure their okay." Ezra shut her door and came to stand by me. I observed the school. It was big and made out of brick. It looked like an old church, and there was a big forest surrounding the school. If I hadn't been told this is a public school, I would of assumed it was some really expensive academy.
  2. "What do you think?" Ezra gave me her famous girly smile. "It looks... promising." I said looking above my head. The sky was filled with thick grey clouds that were threatening rain. "We should head inside before it starts raining." I said. Ezra woke me up and hour earlier this morning so she could do my hair. I wasn't a big fan of it, but I promised her. The bell rang. "Great. Now we're late." I mumbled. "Don't worry. Your new. Your an exception." Ezra began walking up the grey cement steps and I followed her. "Hello. How may I help you?" A lady with small grey curls greeted us in the main office. "I'm Ezra Elmford, and this is my friend _____ _____. She's new." Ezra beamed the lady a smile. "We're here to pick up our schedules." I nodded. I glanced at her name tag. It read Marci. "One moment please." She turned to a computer and typed something in. "I'm printing your scheduled right now." She smiled at us and walked over to the printing machine that was spitting out paper. She grabbed the papers and walked back over to us. "Here you go." She handed us each a two pieces of paper. "and welcome to Everlast High school." She gave us a small smile and we both walk into the empty hallway.
  3. "Do we have any classes together?" Ezra snatched the papers out of my hand and read them. She looked up at me. I was really hoping we had classes together. I held my breath. "We have Algebra, Lunch, and French together." I let out a relieved sigh. "Thank god." I retrieved my papers and checked out my schedule. My schedule wasn't that bad. It went: Biology, Algebra, English, Lunch, World History, French and then Art. "The math teacher is a babe." Ezra giggled. She went to Everlast for her freshman year so luckily she knows her way around the school. "My locker is B313." I handed her my card. "This way." Ezra led me to a long hallway that had marble floors and a few lockers. It had to be the prettiest part of the school. There were huge windows that looked out at the forest, and dark grey sky. "Here." Ezra walked up to a light blue locker and started spinning my combo. Ezra opened my locker and it hit the one next to mine with a loud clang that echoed down the hall. "Smooth." I dropped my backpack off my shoulder. It had to weigh twice as much as I did. "My locker is C115 so it's down that hall and to the left." Ezra directed me with her hands. "Got it." I said. "So are you okay now?" She asked. "Yeah I'll get use to it eventually." I gave her a small smile. She handed me back my card. "Awesome. I'll see you in algebra with the babe. I mean Mr. Gabe." She giggled and walked down the hallway. I listened to her walk away until they were just faint footsteps. I stuffed all my stuff for school into my locker. "What do I need?" I said to myself and pulled out a notebook, folder, and a couple of pencils. I shoved them into my backpack and shut my locker.
  4. I wandered around the halls like a lost cat. I had no idea where I was going. "Okay room B126." I said aloud. In all honesty, I had no idea where I was going. I looked down and read my card for further instructions. I ran smack dab into someone. "Ow!" My arms flew up and hit someone. "Hey!" I looked up. It was a teacher. "Oh my god. I'm so sorry! I-I was trying to find my class." Words were flying out of my mouth. "It's okay. Where are you headed?" The man laughed. I studied him. He had sandy brown hair and bright blue eyes. His face look smooth, as if he just shaved, and he was wearing slacks with a sweater vest that made him strangely attractive. He looked oddly familiar. I handed him my schedule. "Room B126? That's that way." He pointed the opposite way. I felt my face heat up. "I'm sort of new here." I mumbled. He let out a gentle laugh. "Well I'm Mr. Gabe. It looks like I have you in my second hour." He smiled showing his perfect white teeth. So this is the famous Mr. Gabe? Ezra was right. He was kind of a babe. I mean he was young too. He had to at least be twenty-two. "Well I should head back to my class. It was nice meeting you ____." He gave me one more smile and walked away.
  5. I followed the directions Mr. Gabe gave me and finally found the classroom. I stopped outside and studied myself. Being the 'New Kid' sucks. I straightened my clothes and fixed my hair. There, I look decent. I turned the doorknob and slowly opened the door. The teacher was in the middle of a lesson. Great. "Hi, May I help you?" She said. For a plump lady she had a high voice. The class was staring at me. I cleared my throat. "Uh I'm _____ _____. The new student." I spoke in a clear voice. "Ah yes. Welcome." She greeted me with a smile. "Class I'd like you to meet-" No. I hate these awkward introductions. They don't care. God this is awkward. "-your new class mate ____." She gestured to you and the class murmured out distorted Hello's and Hi's. I gave you a small smile. "You can sit in the seat next to Daniel." She pointed to the middle of the room. I nodded and walked my way to my seat.
  6. I sat down at a black lab desk. The guy, this Daniel, was staring at me. It made me feel uncomfortable. I glared at him. "Can I help you?" Ah crap. I opened my mouth. Ezra told had told me not to, and that was one thing I agreed on. I tend to say weird and awkward things to embarrass myself. But to my surprise he grinned. He had light brown hair and really pretty Topaz colored eyes. "My name's Daniel." "I know." I replied and turned to face the teacher. "Your feisty. I like that." I saw him grin from the corner of my eye. Boys. I rolled my eyes. "So ____ where did you transfer from?" He asked me. I hesitated. I never really thought some one would ask me this. "Uh I was home schooled." I replied quickly. He raised his eye brows. "So that means you've never been to any school dances or football games?" He asked. What kind of question was this? "Yeah. Sure." I replied. "You should come to our football game on Friday." He smiled. "I'll think about it." I said staring at him and then faced forward.
  7. The rest of the class seemed to fly by. The bell rang and I quickly walked to the door. The hallways were packed. I shoved my way past people. "Ow!" Someone accidentally stepped on my foot. I cursed under my breath and continued through the crowd. "Ezra!" I spotted her out from across the hall. She turned around. "___! How was your first hour?" She grinned. "Well minus the awkward introduction, it was decent." I replied. "You ready for Mr. Gabe?" She smirked. I remembered my earlier encounter with him. "He seems really young." I said. "You met him already?" She asked. "Well I kind of bumped into him in the hallway and he showed me my way to my first hour." I explained. She grinned. "Its only your first day and your already flirting with Mr. Babe?" I dropped my jaw. That was not the way I had meant it. "You have a sick mind." I said. Ezra giggled. "Thank you." She replied and left the way to Algebra
  8. I followed Ezra and walked into a large classroom. There were desks that sat two people at each one. Ezra and I sat at one together. "This class is going to be amazing." She giggled. I laughed a little. The bell rang and Mr. Gabe stood up to being class. "First thing is first-" please don't give me an awkward introduction. "You all get assigned seats." I let out a relieved sigh. The rest of the class groaned. He called out names in pairs and they sat down in their assigned seat. Of course I was the last one, sitting in the back. "Looks like your partner's not here." Mr Gabe said as I sat down. I nodded in response. Please don't make me sit next to someone I won't be able to work with. I was secretly hoping it was a really smart kid. Algebra isn't my best subject. "Now class.." Mr. Gabe began to speak when something hit the side of my neck and bounced off onto my lap. I reached down and observed it. I looked around. Ezra was grinning at me from across the room. I laughed and unwrinkled the paper. 'It's sort of hard to pay attention to math when there's a hot teacher interfering.' I laughed softly and wrote something back. I was about the throw it back but got stopped by Mr Gabe.
  9. "____ would you like to share something with the class?" He walked over to my desk. "Uh erm. No." I replied trying to hide the note. To late. "Whats that?" He pointed to the paper in my hand. "Just a homework reminder." I laughed nervously. "May I see." He reaches for the paper but I put it in my mouth and chew on it. "Oh crap. I thought that was my gum!" I say and the class laughs. Mr Gabe gives me an amused look. "Looks like I'll be seeing you in detention." He says and continues on after the class gives you 'ohhs'. "That's not fair! She didn't do anything!" Ezra protests. "Looks like I'll be seeing you in detention too Ezra." Mr. Gabe gives her a sarcastic smile. "But what?" She slides down into her chair and grumbles something. Smooth. My first day at a new school and I already have detention. I looked over at Ezra who gave me her 'What can you do' shrug. I decided to sit quietly for the remainder of class.
  10. The bell rang and I quickly walked out into the hallway, followed by Ezra. "Sorry about that." She frowned. "Its okay. I mean what can we do about it now?" I reply. "it really isn't that bad though. I mean you, me, and Mr Babe?" She grinned and I rolled my eyes. "Whats your next class?" Ezra said. "English. You?" I replied. "I have gym. Great." She put on a sarcastic smile. "I'll escort you to your next class. C'mon." She looped her arm through mine and I followed her lead to my next class. After a few trips around the school we managed to get to my class on time. "We'll now I'm off to gym." Ezra said. I loked around. "Wait." I stopped her. "What?" She replied. "Do you see that?" I asked. She looked at me. "See what." "The shadows." I pointed behind her. "What shadows?" She turned around. "The ones that are following us."

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