taylurrrrrrrr quizzzzzzzz

yah know. theres a lot of smart people in this world. unfortunately. i doubt that youre one of them. oh well. [i define smart person by knowing about me. because i am cool like that. i am cool like a half eaten popsicle! so HAH! in your face you whole popsicle that is not half eaten like me! OH! WHAT NOW?!]

wanna prove me wrong. oh! bring it! get 100% on this quiz & your geniusness will be proven to the world! yes yes. prove that you know about me. me being cool like a half eaten popsicle trying to take opver the world with my coo, popsicle goodness!

Created by: taylurr

  1. what is my nickname?
  2. whos my best friend?
  3. whats my favorite sport?
  4. what sport do i NOT play?
  5. whens my birthday?
  6. what school do i go to?
  7. who is bob?
  8. what is my favorite nfl team?
  9. whats my favorite mlb team?
  10. what softball team have i been on since i was 7?
  11. yep!
  12. which name do i prefer?
  13. whos my favorite band?
  14. we dont need no education... [finish the song]
  15. whats the name of that song & who sings it?

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