Taylor Swift quiz :)

There are many fans out there but only a few true swifties.afterall being a swiftie is what lets Taylor know that you love and support her. What is a swiftie? well not only is a swifitie a fan it is family it is a person who is true and loyal to Taylor Swift and has been with her scince 2007.

Are you a swiftie? do you know all the facts and have a strong feeling and bond towards Taylor. If so then you can take this quiz and in just a few minutes you will find out if you know the facts.

Created by: Kayla
  1. Who is Taylor Swift?
  2. when is her birthday?
  3. what is Taylor`s cat named?
  4. Which member from one direction did she go out with?
  5. In which month did she debut i knew you were trouble?
  6. What is her 4th album called?
  7. Which song did she collaborate with Ed sheeran in?
  8. Who does she consider as her sorrogate little brother?
  9. What is her favorite color?
  10. At what age did she sign a contract with Big machine records?
  11. When did she get her cat?
  12. What is her brothers name?
  13. What is her best friends name?
  14. with whom did she beatbox with at the 2013 Grammy nomination concert?
  15. What song did she perform at the 2014 Grammy`s?
  16. how many copies has she sold for the Red album?

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