Tay Tay's Faves

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If you are a true fan of Taylor Swift, this quiz is for YOU! You can study up on Taylor first, and then come back and do the quiz if you're not sure you're a super fan to do well here!

If you think you're a true fan already, then GO FOR IT! We hope that you are able to rise to the challenge and get at least 80% right! If you do, then you're a super fan!

Created by: Lisa Sapan DeFino

  1. What was Taylor's favorite subject in school?
  2. What is her favorite brand of shoe?
  3. What is Taylor's favorite flower?
  4. What is Taylor's favorite fast food?
  5. What is her favorite animal?
  6. What is her favorite vegetable?
  7. What is Taylor's favorite sport?
  8. What is her favorite kind of weather?
  9. What is Taylor's favorite season?
  10. What is her favorite color?
  11. What is Taylor's favorite Disney character?
  12. What is her favorite shape?

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