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  • I got 80% when I should've gotten a 100%. This bites.

    Justmissa23 Jul 8 '13, 2:53AM
  • I got a 90% when I should've gotten 100%!!!! This bites.

    Justmissa23 Jul 8 '13, 2:52AM
  • I'm pretty sure #4 is "The Story of Us" not "Never Grow Up." I also got 80% when I feel that I should have gotten a 100%, after all, I do listen to Taylor Swift ever day while doing my homework.

    elf maiden Feb 6 '12, 9:35PM
  • ok i got 80 but i'm pretty sure it should've been 100

    AthenaRox101 Jun 18 '11, 4:51PM
  • I got 80% and I should've gotten 100%! After I took it and got 80% I went back and checked all of them! Don't make a quiz unless you are right! >:/

    sweetsinger101 Jun 17 '11, 9:39PM
  • I got all the lyrics from the Official Taylor Swift Website to be certain that I wouldn't mess up. Please inform me further if you still believe there is a mistake, as I can edit it...

    Jojo10 Jan 19 '11, 11:41PM
  • You messed up! I checked. I should have gotten 100% but I got an 80%. YOU are not a Taylor Swift Know It All.

    Tiff13 Jan 19 '11, 6:26PM

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