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  • 7 Minutes in Heaven (for guys)
    [published: Jan 25, 2011]

    This is like every other 7 minutes in heaven quiz, however it is for guys (aka. the results are…

  • Taylor Swift Know-It-All
    [published: Jan 18, 2011]

    To be a true Taylor Swift Know-It-All, is to be awesome. However, it is not easy. If I shouted out…

  • Are You My Kind Of Guy
    [published: Jan 15, 2011]

    Love is a weird thing. Love is complicated. Love makes people go delusional. Love makes people go…

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  • I have a question.
    "I was in a situation kind of like yours...however I was on the other end. I was great friends with this guy for years, and I had alwa"
  • Crushes?
    "No crush on here - I love you all, because you're all awesome enough to have an account on here ;P"

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