sword art online

I love SAO. see if you do as much as me with this test of sword art online awesomeness. lower than 50% and you stink! so think before you choose! trust me...

do YOU know everything there is to know about Sword Art Online. My favourite TV show, so please rank this quiz good and leave some comments! I like to hear people's opinions!

Created by: michael
  1. what is the 2 main character's names?
  2. what is the device that lets people play SAO?
  3. What is the name of their daughter?
  4. Is their daughter their ACTUAL daughter?
  5. what is Kirito's rare skill?
  6. What relationship did Asuna have with Kirito?
  7. where did Kirito wake up after he completed SAO?
  8. Gender of Kirito
  9. gender of Asuna
  10. What was Kirito's position before he was married?

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