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These are Kirito's true words - "Hello people. Did you know that around 99.9 percent of people are idiots? I know, It's shocking! This is a test to see I you are an Idiot or an Imbicile!"

A very kind opinion for Kirito here, now, I want to encourage you to get over 81%! Otherwise....... You might get a taunting 'Kirito' voice making fun of you in your head... yeah....

Created by: MickeyLOLgirl
  1. Who is the main character from the series? (NOT HIS REAL NAME, THE ONE IN THE GAME!)
  2. Who is the leader of 'Knights of the Blood'?
  3. Who is the girl Kirito marries in the game?
  4. What is Asuna's fame name?
  5. How did Asuna DIE?
  6. What was Kirito's cousin's name?
  7. How much Harem does Kirito have? (NOTE- ONLY IN SAO- COUSIN NOT INCLUDED)
  8. When Kirito decides to take in all the hate for the Beta - Testers from the New Players. what name to they give him?
  9. How many years do the people spend in SAO?
  10. What was the name of Kirito's first Girl Guild Member roommate?
  11. ---THE ULTIMATE QUESTION--- What was the name of the 75th floor? AKA. The floor which Asuna died in.........

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