Which blade are you the master of?

Find out which sword/blade you will be a master with. Please be honest and do not just say things to get that result. If you cheat you will not find your true mastery.

What sword do you think you'd master? One of the Grass Blades,Wooden Sword,Root Sword,Demon Blood Sword,Wish Star Blade? Find out, which sword you master now!

Created by: Shailesh
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is the history of your blade?
  2. What is your sword specialty?
  3. What's your favourite color?
  4. Cursed or uncursed? Broken or Fixed?
  5. Elemenents of the sword?
  6. Pick a word. Quickly while no-one is looking!
  7. Sword Features?
  8. Explosion!!!
  9. How much energy do you have 0-5?
  10. How was the quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which blade am I the master of?