Which Sword Art Online Character Are You

(Girls Only!!!) take this test to see which Sword art online girl character you are most a like. You can get Elisabeth, Asuna, Silica, Yui, Sachi, or Suguha!

I really wanted to make this quiz because I am a massive Anime fan and Sword Art Online is one of my all time favorites! I found this website and thought it was so cool how you can make your own quiz so easily so I decided to try to make my own. I am hoping to make a final copy and release it out to the public soon as well. I hope you enjoy my first ever quiz!

Created by: AnimeLove
  1. What color of these options do you like best
  2. Which adjective do you think would fit you best?
  3. What is your strongest trait when it comes to fighting?
  4. On a scale of 1-6 how good are you at fighting?
  5. In SAO what would you be?
  6. What color eyes would you have?
  7. What would your relationship be with the black swordsman?
  8. How would you feel about MMOS after being trapped in SAO?
  9. What color hair would your anime character have?
  10. (No Effect) have you ever played an MMO before?

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