Are you ready for online classes?

Taking online classes is very different from taking a regular course in a classroom. There are certain skills you need to have in order to do your best in an online course.

This short quiz will ask you a series of questions designed to tell how ready you are to take online classes. When you are done it will give you an assessment as to how ready you are for online classes. This quiz is totally anonymous so give honest answers to get the best feedback.

Created by: Alex Kirby

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  1. Taking online courses requires some computer skills. Are you comfortable using a computer to do things like save files, write in Word or search the internet?
  2. Online courses have frequent reading and writing assignments. Students who don't mind reading and have good writing skills do well in online classes. Do you read and write well?
  3. The primary way to talk with an instructor in an online class is to email them with questions. Students who don't email the instructor when they have questions often fail. Are you comfortable communicating through email messages?
  4. Online courses have assignments with strict due dates. Are you good at keep track of dates and turning work in on time?
  5. Taking an online class requires that you have regular internet access. Do you have internet access?
  6. Online courses usually take 6-9 hours of work per week. Do you have time to do the require reading and homework for an online class?
  7. Online courses require students to work alone while occasionally emailing instructors with questions. Are you comfortable working on your own the majority of the time?
  8. Online classes take as much or more work than a regular class, but they do work around your schedule somewhat. Why do you want to take an online class?
  9. Some people will drop out of online classes because they fall behind and miss large amounts of work. Are you good at keeping up with a schedule so you don't fall behind?
  10. In an online class there is no instructor at the front of the room watching to see if you are working. Students can often let distractions keep them from getting their work done. Things like Facebook, Youtube, etc can keep people from working on online coursework. Are you good at ignoring distractions?

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Quiz topic: Am I ready for online classes?