How safe are you online?

"There are many people who think they are safe online. But then some get into trouble, because they really don't know how to stay safe online! Someone who is safe online doesn't give out personal information, post unacceptable pictures online (especially on facebook, instagram, ex.), and who Remembers the "saftey rules," all the time online."

So are you one of these good people, who respects these "safety rules" while online? Well, if you are sure or not, taking this quiz will help you find out if you are really a safe person online, or one of those people that says they are.

Created by: Jenna

  1. Which of these things can you give out online?
  2. If someone swears while talking to you in a chat room...
  3. If you are talking to someone online, and they ask you for your address, what do you do?
  4. Which of these can you NOT give out online?
  5. (more than one answer) You open your email, and you see it was sent by the name of an unfamiliar person. You...
  6. You just met someone online today, and they ask you lots of personal information, and also use inappropriate language- to the point where your uncomfortable. You...
  7. How do you like this quiz so far? (won't effect your results!)
  8. True or false: You can give out your phone number online to people you don't know.
  9. The quiz is almost over....(answer does not effect results!)
  10. True or false: You can tell people online about favorite parts of a certain movie- except if there is profanity in that part.
  11. Two more questions... How safe do you think you are online? (does not effect your results!)
  12. Last question... Did you enjoy the quiz? (your results wil not be affect your score!)

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Quiz topic: How safe am I online?