How internet safe are you?

There are many dangers on the internet. People could find out where you live, or other stuff and steal of hack. Or you could lead a great life online and not have any troubles!

Take this quiz to find out how internet safe you are. Do you deserve to be online, or do you deserved to be grounded for a week? Take this quiz to find out, and get some tips for becoming 100% internet safe!

Created by: Coolie33
  1. When you sign up for something, what should you put your age at?
  2. What should my password be?
  3. When is it okay to give out my password?
  4. Someone is offering to to pay for me for membership on a website on one condition: I give her my password.
  5. What should my username be?
  6. What information should I put on my presentation?
  7. Who should I tell my e-mail?
  8. Someone that I met online tells me to meet them at a resturant.
  9. There is a girl who says her name is Kate, she is 12, and she lives in Florida. Should I tell her who I am?
  10. My mom says I am not allowed to post in forums, but my friend invites me to a forum party.
  11. I want to sign up for this website, but you have to be 13. I am only 9.
  12. There is a website where you can share whole movies and watch whole movies FOR FREE.
  13. I really want to buy membership for a website, but my mom says no.
  14. Who should I be buddies with online?

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Quiz topic: How internet safe am I?