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There are many people who call themselves a computer geek, or maybe, and internet wizard. Even when you think you know everything about the internet, there is still so much to learn.

Do you think that YOU are a computer geek? Do you know a lot about the internet and how it works? Take this quiz to find out how much you really know about computers and the internet.

Created by: Rammich of Ramich's Blog
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  1. How many domain names are currently active? (approx.)
  2. What does HTML do?
  3. When was the domain name "www. youtube. com" registered?
  4. What is a Monitor?
  5. Which one of these are NOT a technology company?
  6. What is self-contained storage device that contains one or more hard disks with memory?
  7. What is the MOST popular website other than youtube? (factually)
  8. What country has the highest internet use?
  9. What does .org mean?
  10. What is the most visited shopping site?

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