Surrender Part 4

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I'm sorry it took a while to get this one out. I felt really sick the last couple of days so I didn't do it. However, I feel better! I hope you all like it, I tried to take all of your advice and feedback into consideration. I love the comments, please keep them coming!!!

You left off falling asleep at Jared's house....

Created by: CountryBlonde

  1. I woke again to the same wake up call from Jared. Uggg, today is going to suck. School is back. How am I going to continue normally when everything else isn't? I'm a terrible liar... I've never really had any practice at that. "Well, I start today." I mumbled. "At what?" I jumped and looked around for the source of the voice. All I found was Frankie looking at me with his big curious eyes. I relaxed and stretched my hand out to pet his head, which he met with purring and his little feline grin. I smiled, the familiarity of him lying in his spot on my bed was comforting. I mean, he really didn't change. He always had a mind of his own, and you could always guess at what he would be saying at any given moment, it's just, now your not guessing. I got up and shuffled down the hall to the bathroom. I groaned when I found it locked with steam coming out of the bottom of the door. I didn't have time to wait for whoever was in there to finish, so I'll just take a shower later. I shuffled back into my room to find that Frankie had moved on, probably in search of breakfast. He loved food, and always knew how to get it from me. But today, I would not be a provider. I chuckled at the thought of him begging Jared for tuna, especially now that he can talk. I looked into my shopping bags for a decision on clothing, yes, I know I should hang them up, but a messy room is a happy room. I decided on...
  2. I walked downstairs to find that I was the last ready again. "Looking snazzy!" said Kat, who looked pretty damn good herself. She was wearing a hot pink skirt that was long in back and short in front. She wore a simple black loose shirt that was tucked into the skirt's high waist. She wore a gold cross that hung far below her chest. She had her feet kicked up on another chair so we could all see her black ankle boots with spikes on the heels. Her face was framed with her beautiful straight black hair, and her blue eyes framed by mascara and a touch of eyeliner. I chuckled. "If I look snazzy, you look freaking spectacular." I responded. She rolled her eyes, but you could tell she liked the compliment. I sat down and Jared placed a bowl of cheerios in front of my face and I took it, giggling. He chuckled and sat down giving Kat hers and dug into his own. We ate in silence, each of us lost in thought about something. Me? I was wonder about how I was going to make it through school. "Well, I hate to inturrupt your thoughts, but we need to get going...." Jared announced, pushing his bowl away from him. "Right, let's go." I said. I jumped up and grabbed my bag and keys. The other two followed me out and we got settled into my baby. I started the car, but I didn't move it. "What's the matter?" Kat asked while checking her reflection in the mirror. "I'm nervous. How are we going to act normal at school anyway?" I said slowly. "Mai, it's ok. Just act pissed off like you always do." Jared said. I knew he didn't mean it that way, but I was still insulted. Thanks was all I said before I sped out of the driveway. We reached the school parking lot, and I was still going pretty fast. "Mai? You ok?" Jared asked. I parked, and pretty rough too. "Ya, just practicing being pissed off." I said in a chirpy tone. I jumped from the car and stalked to first hour. "Mai! I didn't mean it that way!" Jared shouted out behind me. In response I just locked the car. I know I'm being pretty tough, but I'm not about to let that stuff slide, it hurts. And once it starts, it never stops. Just look at Stephanie. We used to be super close, but she one day got the idea that it would be funny to tease me. I let it go, thinking it was all fun and games. But she just got more and more cruel, and as she did, she grew in popularity. Evenutally, she got so mean that I stopped being her friend. She got so mad that I had the 'nerve' to ditch her that ever since, she's been trying to ruin my life, one step at a time. I sat down in first hour and Kat right behind me. She knew I wasn't in the mood to talk so she left me be, which I appreciated.
  3. First, second, and third hour went slowly. I couldn't focus on my work, I constantly looked at the time, and I kept thinking about everything that Mrs. Hill had said. I mean, what is going to happen to me? What if I'm crazy, am I imagining all of this and currently in a looney bin? Or even worse... what if it's legit.... What if they won't like me? What if the guys I'm supposed to choose from are all nut cases? What will happen to me if somebody bad gets to me.... My mind kept going in circles. I couldn't get out of the rut, I just kept digging deeper. When lunch finally began, I was sooooo relieved. I was out of the class in no time. In the hallways, everyone was laughing and looking at some flyer. I looked around for one to find out what was so funny, and soon found one. It was a picture of some girl throwing up in the school bathroom. God she looked like a mess... Oh no.... That's Kat. There were words printed around her name such as, freak, slut, drunk, and druggie. My temper boiled up and overflowed, then and there. I crumpled up the paper and nailed some kid that was laughing at it in the back of the head with it. "What is wrong with you people?" I screamed at everyone in sight. "Kat is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet and you laugh when a bunch of mean girls do this to her? They would just as soon do this to any of you! You guys are the freaks. GROW A HEART." No one could look at me, they all just looked at their feet and squirmed under my glare. I stormed off to find Kat, she has to be torn into pieces right now. I found her in the bathroom where this all started. she was crying, her mascara running. I didn't say a thing. I simply brought her into a hug and let her sob into my chest. In burst a couple girls that I didn't know but saw around. They seemed to know and really like Kat. They each huddled around us, each doing their own little thing to comfort the poor girl. I didn't know their names, but when I looked at them they all understood the great appreciation I felt at that moment. The girls slowly dispersed as they knew they could do nothing more. When we were alone again, I helped her look perky again and walk out there strong. She wanted nothing more than to show Stephanie that it did nothing to her. She took a deep breathe and strode back out into public. I felt terrible because I felt responsible, but I was so proud of her, it takes a lot to compose oneself and look strong again. I went out and walked out at her side. She was socializing and acting like nothing happened while I would shut any laughter up with a single glare. I felt kinda like a body gaurd. Which, internally made me laugh. The bell rang and the groups dispersed off to fourth hour.
  4. No one even talked really in fourth hour. Our teacher was out and the sub was sleeping. They knew i was on the edge and if they pissed me off, I would probably kill somebody. However, I couldn't have cared less. None of them mattered to me. I was back in my endless loop of 'what ifs'. The bell couldn't have come soon enough. When it did, I was first out of my class an off to fifth. Back into current reality, I was out for blood. Stephanie was in my next class and I would beat her there so I could confront her. When I got there, I was too late, she already sat inside, looking at me smug and thrilled with herself. I walked in glaring at her. She would get it, sooner or later. I sat down as the bell rang. Dr. Laroux walked in, but today, I wasn't dazzled by his perfection. I was too filled with conflicting realities and emotions to be considered with my petty hormones. Every other girl however, was star struck. Now that I wasn't as affected, I could see how he expected the adoration, and kind of basked in it. Half disgusted, I fell back into my endless loop. Not even the sexy french accent could break it. A phone call did however. Dr. Laroux answered the phone and called out Stephanie's name. We all turned to look at her and she was packing her things. "Your leaving." our teacher said, but she was already opening the door. She was out of the room and I couldn't help but feel disappointed. She did that today because she must have known that I couldn't get to her today with leaving early. I slumped into my seat further and pouted, but again, fell into the cycle. The class let out, and Mrs. Hills class was the same. At the end of the day, Mrs. Hill excused us all five minutes early. When it was just the four of us again, I ran to her for questions and answers. But before I could begin, she shook her head and pointed at the door. "Another day children, I must play my role in this oblivious role as you do, and I have a teacher's meeting. Go be normal teenagers while you still can." She said a bit gloomily. I groaned a sulked out of the room, the other two did the same. I was crushed. I couldn't go on with this suspension. I kinda wished it all would either begin or I'd wake up from my delusions. This stage of in between is unbearable.
  5. We got to my car and found the parking lot deserted. Everyone had already left. We got in and I cut across the parking lot. "That was really harsh today, I'm so sorry Kat." Jared began. Current reality tugged on my thoughts once again. "It's fine, I got more support than not today." Kat said, dismissing the topic. An awkward silence filled the car. So I turned on my radio. For the rest of the way we listened to....
  6. At the house we all seperated and did our own thing, and dealt with our own deamons. Frankie was back in my bed watching over all that I did, which comforted me. When I tried to ask him a question about it all he just shook his head. I groaned and slumped to the floor. I did all of my homework in record time, and lied around for hours. I didn't ever go down for dinner, I just lied there. Thinking. Thinking. And more thinking. Soon enough, I fell asleep, falling into dreams falling the same thought pattern I had all day.
  7. I woke with a start. It was earlier than I normally woke up, but I thought nothing of it. I stumbled into the hallway and bumped into Jared. "Oh, I was about to get you uuup." He yawned, and turned towards Kat's room. I walked as fast as my sleep feet would go to the bathroom, I wanted a shower, no, needed a shower this morning. I basked under the warmth of the soothing water. Sooner than desired there was pounding on the door with the sound of Kat complaining. I groaned and got out, not even trying to disern whatever she was saying. I wrapped a fluffy white towel about my and walked out. There was Kat all sleepy eyed and annoyed. I just chuckled and continued on. In my room I found that Frankie had moved on again in search of food. I splayed my clothes across the bed and decided to wear....
  8. Another pounding on my door sounded in my ears. "What?" I asked. "We are gonna be late!" Jared said, a bit muffled by the door. "s---!" I jumped up and ran out the door with Jared right behind. Kat was already in the car, checking the mirror again. "You look fine." I said as I got in. "Just checking!" she retorted. We sped out of the driveway and to school. I put on some of the same music to fill in that empty space. We got there in plenty of time. We all got out of the car and laughed. I think I even ran a red light. "I've never seen anyone drive that crazy." Jared said in between his laughs. I shrugged and gave him a cocky half smile. He walked off and ruffled my hair as he passed me. "Hey!" I put all my hair back into place and found that Kat had gone off too. Alone. Again. Uggg. I walked to first hour alone, when some girl screamed and pointed behind me. I turned to find myself face to face with the damn centipede. I subtly slipped from my shoes and narrowed my eyes at it (I always ran better when I could feel what was beneath my feet). I threw my bag at it and took off towards the school. Screaming errupted around me as the thing kept straight at my heels. I slammed into a doorway and burst into the building. As I passed, I pulled a fire alarm. People filled, the hallways, and chaos errupted. The centipede was screaching, but that was mostly drowned out by the screams of my peers. People threw them into eachother and into the wall because of the instincts of survival. But mine told me to run. My heart felt as if it would throw itself from my chest and adrenaline filled every cell in my body. Ahead of me I saw Stephanie, and in a moment of brilliance I grabbed her and threw her into the things way. It got tabgled into her hair and she screamed so loud, about time for revenge. I wasn't about to be stupid though, I took off as the thing was busy trying to free itself from the rats nest that was left of Stephanie's hair. I was running faster than I thought possible, and ran straight into another giant insect, this time a scorpian, and I turned to see a giant hornet looking for me too. I growled, and I could've sworn I was some sort of big cat. I didn't let that hinder me however. Whatever it was I was into had begun, and it began with me running for my life. The scorpian was trying to figure out how to get inside the building, so I took off into another hallway. I found my way through and burst back into the parking lot. At this time I located my car and dashed for it. Kat and Jared stood waiting for me. I unlocked the doors and we all threw ourselves inside. Once inside we were all rocked with an impact. We looked up to see a stinger sticking through the roof. When it was removed, we saw the hornet.
  9. Kat screamed and Jared looked off into distance as if we were going to die. I gritted my teeth. I put my girl into gear and sped from the lot. The hornet was surprised at our sudden speed, but was on our tail almost instantly. I would screech around corners and speed through lights. Causing an accident here and there. We were soon on the country roads leading to the house. "Why are we going this way?" Jared asked. "Frankie is our only hope, the only place I know that he might be is at your place." He nodded at my response. We skid to a stop at the house and got out. We started to run to the door beetle the size of my car burst through the door with Frankie on it's back. Kat started screaming again. I turned to see the hornet diving towards us. My instincts told me to run, but i knew it was no use. Kat stopped screaming, and a man stepped in front of me. The hornet reached him, and I thought he was a goner, but I couldn't be more wrong. The hornet ran into his chest and crumpled at the impact, the man didn't flinch. He took the already regenerating hornet and split it in half with his bare hands. My jaw dropped. The hornet stopped regenerating and he dropped it. I closed my mouth and he turned to face me. I was surprised to find him only a little older than I. For the first time, I noticed he was shirtless, and I nearly melted at his muscular appearance. He stepped back to give me more room, but I oddly didn't want that. He was so perfect. He was pale and flawless. His face was soft and gorgeous, and his black hair sat gleaming around his face. His deep, bright green eyes looked me over with some emotion I could only identify as relief. "Well your hot." I turned to see Kat looking him over. Jared however was eyeing to other men that sat on the split in half beetle. The other two had their shirts on, but I could tell they were muscular too. Not as much as green eyes, but still very sexy. One had short black hair with bright, gleaming red eyes. He was only a little older than me too, his features a little harder than green eyes. The other was the same age as the other two, but obviously the shortest. He got up, and he was still taller than me. He had blonde hair and deep grey eyes that pierced through you. His features were very structured, and he had an odd grey tint to his hands and upper arms. "Out of the frying pan and into the fire." I mumbled. The three looked at each other and chuckled. Green eyes walked over to the other two and stood to the side. Kat almost made me laugh as she openly checked them out. I oddly wanted to slap her for considering them. "On contrar my dear." I looked down to see Frankie. I picked him up and picked some of the goo from his fur. "What?" I asked him. "These are your suitors love, they arrived just in time to save our hides." I nearly dropped him from surprise. I looked at the three with a new light. These perfect creatures were who would try to win my heart. Grey eyes stepped forward and gave a bow. "My name is Pierce, I am king of the high sector." He gestured to red eyes, "This is Malcolm, king of the low sector." He then motioned to green eyes, "And finally, I may introduce Sea, king of the mid sector. Maia, we are honored, and relieved to finally stand in your presence."
  10. Well that's it for today!
  11. I really hope you enjoyed it! Please comment and rate!!

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