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  • Sorry I'm so late! I haven't been feeling upbeat lately so I stopped reading ): I still have 2 parts of Confinement to read.

    OMFG OMFG OMFG PIERRCE. He's so adorable. I kinda forgot the other two hehe. Sea is a bit moody and Malcolm should keep his shirt on nobody wants to see that pretty boy. What are sectors? Omfg can't wait for the next onee. This part was sooo detailed and inexplicably good and I love it. Keep on writing like this. But the paragraphs are a bit big and it's easy to get lost in it so you could maybe split it more evenly and just one paragraph instead of a big block. I'm kinda freaked by the big ones.

    The outfits are so cute and pretty I had to take a screenshot. I really can't wait to spend time with the boys. One suggestion, don't have them constantly fight for you. Even though they are suitors and they are supposed to, this can overwhelm people and it's a bit unrealistic, even though this is fiction. Have Maia flirt a little and play it casually, don't put her in the spotlight as a shy girl with three wolves drooling after her. That's just a suggestion because I can't really take it when main characters get constant compliments that sound snarky and cheesy.


  • I'm so late in reading, so this will be a short comment before I go to read part 5. Complete idiots to be bullying Kat >:( she's a freaking beautiful person... ughh the return of the giant ass bugs D: whyyy bugs? I like those guy descriptions ;P

  • whenn are you going to come out with part 5!!!!???? i need to know!!!


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