Surivor: The Prologue

Hey people! First off, I'd like to thank my best friend -- Gage -- for helping me write this. ( he's the best lol. After me, of course) although he doesn't have an account -- I decided I'd still mention him since we stayed up late making this.

Also, I'd just like to mention most of this is true -- I know because the main character is in fact based off of me. But -- it should still be pretty entertaining.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. An author -- they say -- is a person who never experiences anything. What they write comes from other people's lives or their fantasies. Well -- I'm living proof that isn't true. I, Misty Roberts, am living proof that life isn't all sunshine and rainbows.
  2. ' Dear Misty Roberts, I hated your story, it was just as crappy as you are. Too bad Andrew isn't a real guy, not that he'd like a girl such as yourself. I was wondering though, was the main character based off you? Sincerely, Thewannabe. P S. Why don't you get yourself a USEFUL hobby? That way, you can write something half-decent.'
  3. My dull grey eyes began to line with a fresh coat of tears as I re-read the email for the fourth time that morning -- the contents still just as hurtful as they had been the first time I had read it. " Oh, Mist. What's wrong baby girl? Did you forget to drink your morning tea," cooed my best guy friend -- Gage. " or did you just break up with Tomi?"
  4. Tomi is my boyfriend, and just so we are clear, I'm not going to go on and on about how sweet he is or how hot he is like most teenage girls do. That's not how our relationship works. We aren't the mushy-gushy lovers -- no. We just aren't the affectionate type of people. In fact, I've never once heard him mention me to his mom -- not that I mind. I like our relationship as hidden as possible, and I'm glad he respects that. Gage and my other friend, Blade, are the only people who know of our relationship -- and I'd like to keep it that way.
  5. " No, Gage. You moron," I giggled softly -- turning my head to face him. Now, I know I just refused to describe my boyfriend, but that doesn't mean I won't describe Gage. Gage is one of those excitable Mexican guys with the perfect ' just-got-out-of-bed' hair style and large hazel eyes that are able to plead in the craziest of ways. " Its just -- actually, let's not worry about that. How about we go get some tacos." I suggest, pushing back my thick greasy brown hair. " Oh yeah, Boiiii!" he exclaims rather suddenly -- causing me to fall out of my seat. " Oops. Cmon, hurry up chica. Papi needs him some Taco Bell."
  6. I gave a quick roll of my eyes before standing up and giving him a friendly peck on the cheek -- something we always did. No, its not a romantic gesture, it's just his culture and all. " Don't make me drag you out of here by the hair -- just come on, pretty mama. I need my Tacos and you need your Tomi. It's a win-win." he grumbled as I began to braid my hair into a tangled knot. Yes, Tomi had a summer job at Taco Bell, but that's not why I wanted to go there. " Oh hush up Gage. You already know that is not why I wanna go there."
  7. "Oh, yeah," he said as he tossed me my black adidas hoodie. " you wanna see Mercedes. I swear, if you didn't already have a boyfriend, I'd think you were gay or something." he simply chuckled. Yes, I did love her, a lot, but not like that. " Dude! She's seventy five years old! She's my godmother -- of course I love her." I giggled before tugging the hoodie over my head. " Whatever helps you sleep at night, princessa."
  8. Yeah, that's another thing about Gage -- he's so full of himself. Sometimes I just wanna strangle him. Giving him a sharp glare, I took him by the wrist and dragged him out into the blistering heat that awaited us. I know, I'm wearing a hoodie in eighty degree weather -- of course it's gonna be hot. Here's the deal, that hoodie? It covers up things I'm ashamed of. No, I'm not ashamed of my body per say, I'm just really not big on letting anyone see the truth. I -- Misty Roberts -- am an abused child.
  9. " Poor you, princessa. It's so hot out. You sure you don't wanna just go back inside? We can get tacos another day." suggests Gage. Yeah, he knew I was being abused -- and being the great friend he is -- was always there for me when I needed him. My aunt June never was -- even though she is my legal guardian. I think the truth is, she's just as scared of my uncle Ben as I am. " No. Mama needs her tacos just as much as you do. Besides, a little sweat never killed anyone." I shrugged it off, and with that, we were off on our way to Taco Bell.
  10. *** AT TACO BELL***" Hey Tomi! What's shaken bruddha?!" Gage called out once we got there -- his booming voice echoing throughout the silent restaurant. Yeah -- at this time of the year, Taco Bell was pretty empty. " Oh you know, just makin tacos like a slave," sighed Tomi -- his green eyes falling on my sweaty figure. " he did it again?" he asked me. All I could do was give a sad nod before taking off my hoodie to reveal a large bruise that covered my shoulder blade. " Dang! Come here, bonita. " he purred. I know I said he wasn't much of a romantic -- but he was always there to try and cheer me up when I was going through times like these.
  11. Putting myself into his open arms, I soon was engulfed in a full-on hug that nearly squashed me to death. Soon, tears began to roll down his cheeks as he whispered into my ear "Mercedes died."
  12. *** CLIFFHANGER ***
  13. By the way, I'd like to thank Gage ( the real life Gage, not the character lol) for helping me write this -- and staying up extra late to help me out. I owe you tacos dude xD

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