Supernatural: Sparks Flying pt 5

Plz enjoy reading the long awaited part five of Supernatural Sparks Flying series. Here, many things happen, and KUKUKU just read the quiz already!!!

I'm making three or more branch stories to make sure you people understand the whole thing! :d any ideas please email me at moon_drop_stella@yAhOo(.)com!

Created by: awesomecuziam

  1. Recap: You were fighting a battle and Kau was taking care of your knee; you heard someone scream, turned and saw Naayla lying in a puddle of blood with Randy standing over her, apparently angry: there was a strange pain in your right hand and turning, you saw....!!!
  2. There was a black haired boy standing over you, with a curled peice of wire twisted back and forth in his fingers. "Ouch!" Groaning, you held your hand and glared your hand. "Hmf. Die, girl." He said, twisting the wire. The pain got worse. "Ow...!" Your hand was dripping blood and it hurt badly, but you grit your teeth and grabbed your ice dagger. "No, not me. Not yet." You pushed yourself up and took the protective stance. "Hmf. That won't do a thing." "Really? Every little bit of pain you're causing sems to depend on that wire." You said, your right hand clenched into a fist, and you punched him. After a minute of punching and defending yourself, the wire flew out of his hands, and the blood stoppd dripping, the pain went away and the cuts where gone.
  3. "Ugh...!" The boy groaned, clutched his head and retreated into the darkness. "Good job, _____________." There was a groan, and a hand fell limply on your shoulder. "Kau!" You turned around and saw him slumped at your feet and bleeding from several places. "Kau are you alright?" You cried, stopping down. "He's...dangerous...." Kau panted, blood dripping onto his chin. "Who?" But Kau was out, and you had no choice but to pick him up, sling him over your shoulder and take him back to the cottage. "Teleport!" You whispered, out of breath from shock that Kau, the strongest of the boys, would collapse like that. The sounds of battle were fading, but there was much blood, groans, and hurt people all around. In a puff of smoke, you were in the cottage. (That must be some enemy.) You thought. Laying Kau on the couch, you teleported back to the battlefield. The Dark Force army was gone, and the only people left were your pack. "Oh! ______________! There you are!" "Bro! Are you alright?" "Yeah, yeah, fine." "We should get back home." Jason interrupted in a low voice. "Yeah, we should."
  4. "Come, then." You closed your eyes and imagened the cottage. A minute later you were standing outside the little house. Inside you heard a yowl. "Oh! We must check on Kau!" You said, remembering him. You found him bent over something small, bloody and fuzzy-looking. "You little neko-neko, aww. I'm sure ________________ would like to keep you. Hmmm? You hungry, kitty-kitty?" Kau had not noticed you and was petting a tiny black kitten. "You're so sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, like ____________. Wittwe kitty. We might keep you, you know." He continued to pet the kitten and croon in baby talk to it. "Where'd you find her?" You asked, looking over his shoulder. Kau turned around, giggled sheepishly and held the cat out to you. "She was here all along, around the cabin." "Oh. We should keep her." "Yes, but talk to Randy about it." You went to the living room where Randy was standing over someone, making a blood puddle in the wooden floor.
  5. "Randy, who is--why is he here?" You reconized the Dark Force kid. "Yes, he came here a minute ago while you were with Kau. He's hurt. I don't know if we can trust him--" "We can. He's telling the truth." Naayla said, looking at the boy. "Hmm, then. What should we do with him?" Randy asked, his eyes turning a questioning purple. "We should interrogate him first." Jason said, looking a bit untrusting. "Maybe." Randy said, and he left quietly. Naayla retreated to her room too, and Jason and Will, who'd not talked to you since before the battle, nodded at you and went upstairs, talking quietly among themselves. You sighed and glanced at Chase. He was disappearing into the shadows before the door. You were the only one left.
  6. You stared down at the boy for a couple of minutes, then stood up and stared cleaning up the blood stains on the floor. Remembering your mother, you started to sing one of the lullabies she always sung to you and Randy when you were small. "Close your eyes, and listen to the sounds of the night. Be still and look at the shadows and the starlight. The little things creep out of their holes and listen to the night. So be still and look at the shadows and the starlight. And when your eyelids drop, drift away in a pleasing dream." You stopped scrubbing the blood off the floor when you felt a hand on your shoulder. You turned, and saw it was the dark force kid. "Where did you learn that song?" He asked, some long lost memory probably coming to the surface of his thoughts again. "My mother used to sing it to me when I was a baby." You replied. "Who was your mother?" He asked, facing you. "Katilina ________________. Why do you ask?" "That was the name of my.... Caretaker." he looked bewildered for a minute, and sank back down on the floor.
  7. You noticed blood still seeping out of the many cuts on his arms, and you told him to take off the black shirt he was wearing. After you took care of his wounds, you told him he could rest on the couch. He thanked you, and in less than five seconds he had fallen asleep. You wondered what he meant about 'caretaker', so you decided to tell Randy. But when you found him, he was asleep, and so was the rest of your group. "I guess I'm the only one awake." You said, and you went outside to take a walk to the river. When you got there, you sat down by the riverbank and finished the lullaby. "When night comes again, the starlight will shine down on you. Close your eyes and listen to the night, dream away peacefully." You lowered your voice because you thought you heard someone singing along. ""The stars are calling you, to spend your night with them. They'll take you to places.... You've never been before. So close your eyes, and go to sleep. Sink into the peaceful quiet." You stood up and walked toward the voice you heard, still humming the last bit of the song. "Who's there?" you asked. Taylor slunk out of the shadows. You thought you saw tears in his yes when he held his arms out to you. "Come here for a minute." His voice cracked, and he looked away.
  8. You hugged him, and he squeezed you tightly. "This... this might be the last time I see you, ____________. I don't know if I'm ever coming back." His tears fell in your hair, and you sniffled a bit too. "I just wanted you to know, before I left, ______________, I really love you. And you might be falling for those other guys, but I just wanted to tell you. Thank you for everything you've done and said to me. I'm sorry that I have to leave." H smiled at you through his tears, and brushed your hair back. "Goodbye for who knows how long, ______________." He kissed you and disappeared. You just stared at the place he'd been standing a second ago, still feeling his lips on yours. You couldn't grasp that he'd left.
  9. You touched your lip and sighed. There was a rule that everyone in the supernatural world knew all too well about. The children of pack leaders, when the pack leaders died, their ghosts would visit their children and tell them their fate. There were two kinds: One was where you could chose your own path, and not many were lucky enough to receive that path. The other was where the ghosts of the parents would tell the children who they would b bound to, for the rest of their lives. You were still waiting until you became of age to go to the Black Fire Cave, where that would happen.
  10. "Who was that, ___________________?" Randy woke you from your thoughts. "Umm, nothing. I was thinking, bro. That's all. Let's go home." "Sounds good. By the way, where did you get that kitten?" "Kau brought her home." You said. Soon you were at the cabin. There was a strange blue glow around the house. The door opened, and out stepped...!
  11. Okay! That's part 5! Oh, and by the way, my computer has been having problems lately, and it will not go to my home page where all my quizzes are displayed. So for the rest of the series, or until the computer gets fixed, just searce the quiz name and it'll come up... KUKUKU...! :P Okay, so one more little peice of news. Taylor lovers, I am making a littl series about him. His POV and everything :) Also, I'll post another little series about the history of the ThunderFlame Organization andeverthing about the amazing world they live in. It'll be like Kakashi Gaiden, like if you watch/read Naruto. And I'll be changing the format of my quizzes. Thank for reading! Keep watching for part SIX, THE EPIC(BLEEEEEEEEEP) Sorry, I can't let any secrets escape! >:D Any ideas just comment starting with @awesomecuziam!

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