Supernatural Love Story Part 5

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In a world of the supernatural, things are not always what they appear. You will go on a journey, to pick who you will give your heart to, but if you pick the wrong person, it could be the end for you...

Your life will become twisted so, choose carefully. Listen to your heart. And most importantly: Remember, stereotypes aren't always true... or are they? ;)

Created by: LolliePop1
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  1. Brett's hands on your throat constrict tighter and tighter, until your sure your face is purple. His mouth is turned upward in an evil grin. You try to squeak out 'stop' but your mouth won't process the words. "Stop let go!," Jonathan yells as he bounds in the room. He wears a look of determination and he faces his palm outward toward bretts body. You want Brett to not kill you, but you don't want him to die! Brett's face is still angry, but then it flashes to something that reminds you of the old Brett that used to take late night walks with you in the park, and hold your hand during scary movies in the sweetest way. Suudenly his hands are unclenched from your neck and the bright white light is penetration through his body as he shakes and covulses. You hoarsely scream "NO!!", but it's too late. Brett is on the ground in a charred black mess. And he is not moving.
  2. You run to Brett, and feel for a pulse on his neck, a little hesitant in case he jumps up and strangles you. Your heart falls when you dont feel one. Jonathan runs to your side, and presses his ear to Brett's heart. He lifts it up slowly, and shakes his head. By this time your crying uncontrollably.
  3. Suddenly Brett's mangled body disinigrates into the ground, and you stare in horror. THen a booming female voice that sounds like it's coming from every direction yells, "Jonathan, you have violated of rules of the guardian angels and the Ten commandments of God. Thou shall not kill. You have murdered Brett, and therefore will be cast into hell until you have paid your repentance-" "No! Wait! It was an accident I- I-!," Jonathan stdders, horrified. "You wil be stripped of your wings immediatley, and cast down shortly after. I am dissapointed in you. you had potential. Too bad you are a murderer and now a lost soul of hell." The voice, Purgatta, you suspect shuts of. And the right wall of the bedroom cracks open in a flurry of wind fire and heat. There's something that comes in that is so bright you can't bear to look, and you sheild your eyes. "Let you be cast down to hell as Satan waS!!!," says a loud manly voice. you hear a ripping sound, and Jonathan's cry of pain.
  4. The room goes black , and all you can hear is your breathing. Brett is dead. Jonathan's in Hell. Andrew left. Could things get much worse? Your knees buckle, and there are strong arms behind you to catch you. You break down, and David picks you up and carries you to your bed. He sets you down, and pulls up the covers. Your bury you face in the pillow while you cry, and David lies down next to you, and puts his arms around you. You fall fast asleep to a tear sodden pillow, and David's arms around you.
  5. You wakeup, and are suprised to see David's arms aren't around you anymore. You get up and realize it's still dark. the clock reads 3;37. It's only been four hours since you first went to the entrance to the Underworld, and 2 since Brett died, Jonathan went to Hell, and Andrew left. Your too awake to go back to sleep now, so you walk out of your bedroom. You sneak a quick peek in David's room and see that he's not in his bed. Where could he be??? You walk down the hallway and find him asleep on the couch, a book in hand. you smile sadly to yourself and continue on. You realize your headed to the door that leads to the stairway down to Purgatory, the room with the doorway to heaven and hell. You know what you have to do.
  6. The stairway is cold on your bare feet, but you continue on down until you find the room with all the lost souls. Its easy to pass through them, and soon you've reached the stariway to hell. It feels hot and everytime you inch closer you feel worse and worse inside. You force yourself to gulp and take the first few steps down. Wait... where aer you going? you don't know your way around hell! What if you get lost down ther?! You decide it's worth the risk. you need to get Jonathan back. There are many doorways but something keeps leaving you down and down. There is one door way at the bottom, and someething tells you to enter though. be it God or Satan, you really don't give a shiz right now, your life is so screwed up already.
  7. The doorway lead to a garden, except instead of beautiful colors it's all back and gray, and as you go to touch a black apple it retracts from your hand and turns into dust. Contorted humans wander around with invasive stomachs clutching at thm and crying out in distress for food or water. You notice the pond is also black and smells of gasoline. This creeps you out a lot and you move on. You make your way through a long cramped passageway and find a door at the end that you open up. It leads to the bigggest room you've ever seen inyour life. It is all empty except for a ginormous iron gate at the back. That conceals thousands of people vrying in pain and anguish. The gate to the lost souls.
  8. You rush toward the gate, and stand at the base of it. A single golden glowing lock hands from the side of it. "It's your choice," rings in your head, in your mother's voice. a single lavender key appears in your hand. The moans of the lost souls get louder, and you cover your ears. They realize your the Last Daughter of Purgatta and they call for you to free them from their eternal damnation. You lift the key slowly to the lock. It's for Jonathan. It's for Jonathan. Just as you are about to enter it into the lock an arm grabs yours and pulls it down.
  9. It's Andrew. he came back. "Wow you weren't gone long, only a few hours," you say. "I couldn't stay away from you for that long" he says with a sweet smile and blushes. "Besides, I can't let you do this (your name.)" "Why not," you reply, "It's your brother! You don't want me to save your brother?!" Andrew shakes his head. "You don't understand, there are some serious consequences that come with doing this. you're practicallty turning earth into a second hell, and these souls can never truley be free. They'll just wander the earth with no purpose and unable to communicate with anything for all eternity." Oh... well when he puts it that way... "Well what about Jonathan? I can't just let him be miserable inthere!," you argue. "Jonathan's not even in there." WHAT?!? "Then where is he?!," you ask Andrew. "When a person is a guardian angel, or close to God, Satan usually keeps them near to them in an army, to put their skills to good use. That's where Jonathan is." OOOH.
  10. A black pentrating light shine directly behind you. It catches you off guard, and David bumps into you from behind. The key flies up into the air and Andrew scrambles to catch it, but he's too late. By some force the key is sucked into the lock. "NOO!," you cry. The iron gate swings open inwardly and a giant mass of swarming heated souls flee at the speed of light. You cover you ears. "How can I stop this!?", you yell over the moaning and joyous cries. Andrew stands stock still and looks you straight in the eye. You cant help but see the horrified expression of David, and wonder what he's about to say. Andrew says, "Kiss me."
  11. So, what do you do? Save the world or save yourself from someone that you don't love? It's your choice.
  12. So, who do you want to be with?

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