Supernatural Love Part:3

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So...maybe love is on it's way.... A monster suddenly barges into your almost perfect day... and tries to get you.. Maybe you should start listening to the guys.. The legacy is coming true.

*In the Spotlight* Abassy you may have noticed the demon-dragon-thing quiz photo.According to the ancient Yakut people, the Abaasy inhabit the underworld. They have teeth of iron and travel in packs of seven. The Abassy is a dragon like creature with a large tail. Their blood is poisonous, and if bitten, you die.

Created by: krdffdpfan

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  1. okay, we left off at... Joe smiled at me, and I smiled back. he leaned into me and.. alrighty?
  2. I expected him to kiss me, but feel his fangs on my neck! I gasp at how cold it is. My eyes closed shut, expecting a bite. His fangs touched my skin, but then I felt his lips kissing my neck.
  3. He pulled back, "im, im sorry about that.. I should go hunting before I umm.." "eat me?" I said, voice shaky from the shock. He nodded and went outside to find something to eat. Aaron starts tapping his fingers on the wooden table. Victor handed me a plate filled with food. There was, eggs, bacon, pancakes, and fruits. I immediately started eating, feeling starved. Victor smiled, seeing how much I liked it, he asked anyway,"Y-you like it?" he stuttered. "It's the best brekfast I've had." he blushed and thanked me.
  4. I put my dishes up, and headed into the Living room. I sat on the loveseat that was positioned right in front of the flatscreen televison. Suddenly, something giant broke through the wall up stairs.
  5. I screamed, hearing it smash through the levels. "HEELPP!!" It came into veiw. It was the ugliest, and most evil thing I've ever seen! Slimy Blood dripped from it's increadilby long, sharp, yellowed teeth, it's eyes reminded me of red Christmas lights, It's skin was scarred, and was colored a deep, blood red. A growl ripped out of it's throat, vibrating the house. I knew exactly what it was.
  6. It was what Joe was talking about, an..."ABASSY!" Aaron yelled and transformed into a wolf with a flash of light. The hideous creature turned it's head, and got attacked. The Abassy roared as it's beady,red, glowing eyes were scratched out. I watched in horror as Aaron was flung at the wall. He impacted with a deafining crunch. "Aaron!" I shreiked. The Abassy was hit with something from the kitchen, and melted into the ground. Victor was breathing heavily behind the puddle, eyes glowing yellow. I cried and ran over to Aaron's crumpled up body. He had shifted back into human, and seemed dead. I kneeled next to him, and bawled into his torn up shirt.
  7. *Fast foreward: 2 hours* Victor, and I were in Aaron's bedroom, him unconscious on the bed. Joe had wrapped a cast around Aaron's arm, and left cleaning up his blood to Victor. Joe couldn't hunt for some awkward reason, he never told me anyways. I sniffled, nd felt Victor take my hand. My eyes went wide in shock, looking up at him. Remeber how Joe was a lip-sucker? Victor was a lip biter, and man he was red. I hugged him tight, feeling warm inside. He pulled away from our hug, and looked me in the eyes with those beutiful yellowgreen eyes. Just as Joe did at breakfast, he leaned into me, but he kissed me for real. Victor pinned me nicely against the wall.
  8. Victor suddenly jerked away, "I-I've gotta go..." he walked away quickly, and out of Aaron's room. "Victor, wait, come back..." I plead, but he is to fr away to her me. I sigh and sit on Aaron's bed next to him. I went to touch his shoulder. Just as my fingertip touched his bareskin I felt a sharp pain rip up my body and.....
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