super smash bros brawl quiz

Some people long for quizzes that they think that they could get all the questions right. If you're on of those people and you play brawl a lot, you will love this quiz!

This quiz contains everything imaginable from Brawl, such as mind-boggling questions about characters, stages and much, much more! If you do not have all 35 characters, do not take this quiz because it contains spoilers.

Created by: daniel
  1. These characters are so much alike,the attacks are almost the same,they have never met each other and one is fast and one is slow. who am i talking about?
  2. These final smashes have the same idea, but are not the exact same. Who am i talking about?
  3. Which of these characters are the last you unlock in adventure mode? (May contain Spoilers)
  4. how many SPACES are there in the character select screen before starting a brawl (aka where you choose your character)
  5. Who are the 2 fastest runners?
  6. Who are the 2 slowest runners?(The option before is the slowest on)
  7. Does pits up 1 or up b do any damage?
  8. if you hold this very powerful 1 or b attack down too long, damage will be given to this character P.S. its the same person who did the attack
  9. Does samus have a stage? if so, which one?
  10. What stage does it make it impossible to die in?

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