Super hard Pee Challenge : ()

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Can you hold pee? Find out now with this super hard quiz :3

If you wet yourself I am not taking any responsibility take it yourself dude. Its your bladder not mine

Created by: pee maker

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  1. Ok first. How much u need to go?
  2. drink a cup of water
  3. Do 50 jumping jacks while listening to rain sounds (hey its 'super hard' pee challenge)
  4. Watch a vid of a water fountain at full vol.
  5. Push on your bladder 5 times every 5 seconds 10 times
  6. If you have a wet spot rub ure parts on it. If not warm your parts against the radiator.
  7. Wut do u think of this story: Tom ran into class ofthe need growing by the second. He should have gone at break but he had stage fright. As he sat down tom hit his bladder against the table. Crossing his legs and grabbing his crotch he held himself. After what seemed like hours the teacher stopped talking and tom raised his shaking hand "Can I use the loo?"No" replied his teacher. "Finish your assignment first." Tom looked down at his paperwork. It was a 5-6 page math assessment. Tom couldn't concentrate and leaked a little. Enough to see. The teacher let him go and ge ran down the corridor into the cleaner. She told him off and made him walk. Agonising pain shot down his penis as he held his pee. When he got to the loo he saw that it was under maintinice so he had to go outside. The school playground was deserted but just then a gust of wind blew the cold air across his face. Leaking he crossed his legs and grimaced as he held himself. Soon he was quite wet but couldn't find a place to go. As the pain overwhelmed him the golden flow came rushing down his pants and onto the floor...
  8. Ok now do the splits and push on bladder. No holding till you almost pee
  9. Leak a teenie bit. Then rub ure parts on it.
  10. Last thing... Take all your clothes off and sit on the toilet. Then flush it. Then u can pee
  11. Did u like this quiz

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