The Office super-quiz!!

The Office quiz was made because I loved The Office SO much, that I decided to quiz other people on it! But besides that, I hope you enjoy this quiz, and good luck!

How much of an office genius are YOU? Do you have the brain and the memory to accomplish this challenge? well, take the challenge and find out!!(oh, and if you know enough about The Office, then remember when Dwight suffered that concussion? That was cool)

Created by: Alex

  1. What happens to Dunder Mifflin between seasons 5 and 6?
  2. What happens to Dwight during the episode "Traveling Salesman"?
  3. Who is responsible for the obscene watermark in "Product Recall"?
  4. In what episode did someone die?
  5. In what episode does Michael quit his job?
  6. When does Jim and Pam get married?
  7. What does Michael burn his foot on?
  8. What was the 4th episode of the first season of the office?
  9. What year was the first season made?
  10. What is the first object shown in the opening credits?

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