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Want to find out how much of a Pokemon Super Nerd you are? ("No") Great than just take this super hard yet incredibly short quiz! Good luck! (not hehe)

Warning this quiz is super hard! I will make another if the following happens: one person requests part 2 in the comments, i get a 5.00 star rating, 5 people take the quiz, or I get really bored.

Created by: pikachew
  1. Which of the following Pokemon can learn all Generation 4 HMs except fly?
  2. Which of the following is a real Pokemon game?
  3. How many Generations are there?
  4. Which of the following Pokemon was partially based on a SEGA character?
  5. What Generation are the Sinnoh games?
  6. Which type were 33% (1/3) of Generation 1 Pokemon?
  7. What two types had their type matchups (weakness, resistance etc.) changed between Generation 1 and 2?
  8. Moves used to be put in to classes (physical, special etc.) by type. What Generation was this changed?
  9. How many Pokemon Ranger games are there?
  10. What type attack would you use to quickly knock out a Gligar?
  11. Which of these types has never been paired with a Flying type Pokemon?
  12. Below will be a Pokemon's name followed by its original region. Which one is false?
  13. Which Pokemon has been permanently banned from the anime series?

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