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The reason I did this quiz is because people have watched it, people have read it, it is harry potter folks! yes, yes, but this time there is a quiz right here!

However, do YOU have that sort of brain to complete this quiz, if you do, then your supposed to be the person to meet you are really clever. well if you dont have a brain for this, try and watch some harry potter films and find out the answers!.

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  1. First, lets start with a easy question, How did harry potter's parents die?
  2. Who sacrificed their self in philosophers stone/sorcerers stone?
  3. Who opened the chamber of secrets after 50 years ago?
  4. What is the only known wand shop in harry potter?
  5. What are harry potters parents called?
  6. Who put Harry's name in the goblet of fire?
  7. Who learnt harry the patronus charm?
  8. What is tom riddle's middle name?
  9. Does harry potter like chocolate?
  10. What drive does the dursleys live on?

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