How much do you know Harry Potter?

Do you know alot about Harry potter? Have you read the books? Well take this quiz to see if you are a Harry potter genius or not, Harry potter ish awesome lol.

So are you a true genius of Harry potter? If you havent read the books, what's the point being here? Anway come take my quiz to find out. You need to know your Harry potter stuff.

Created by: CinyKyk of AIC
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  1. Who does Harry hate?
  2. How does Harry,Ron,Hermione and Neville meet luna?
  3. Harry is in what house?
  4. Harry loves who?
  5. Hermione loves who???
  6. Who kills sirius black?
  7. Why is the sword of Gryffindor able to break the horcruxes?
  8. Who dies in the goblet of fire?
  9. In the deathly hallows... Why does Ron leave?
  10. What in the deathly hallows movie was not in the book?
  11. (bonus question) what are the names of Harry and Ginny's kids and Ron and hermione's kids?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Harry Potter?