Deathly Hallows 2/2

After the death of Dobby and the failed attempt to destroy a horcrux, Harry, Ron, and Hermione travel to Hogwarts to fight Voldemort and his remainng Death Eaters. Along the way, the ultimate sacrifice will be payed!

The end is here, and can you answer the nineteen questions about the final Harry Potter book and film? You will destroy many horcruxes, while learning about the dark past of Dumbledore. Come and fight!

Created by: Wyatt Gogolin
  1. Where was the Hufflepuff Cup destroyed?
  2. Where in Hogwarts was the Ravenclaw Diadem hidden?
  3. How was it destroyed?
  4. Who was killed by someone in the Ministry who was secretly a Death Eater?
  5. Dumbledore did not become the Minister of Magic because...
  6. What caused Harry to become a horcrux?
  7. What happened to the Elder Wand after Harry got it,(book version)?
  8. What happened to the Elder Wand after Harry got it,(film version)?
  9. How is the Elder Wand passed to another owner?
  10. One person caused Snape to love, betray Voldemort and help Dumbledore, and protect Harry. Which person was this?
  11. How did Snape and ----'s friendship end?
  12. Dumbledore and Grindelwald both wanted to...
  13. What happens to Harry after he is sacrifices himself?
  14. In his search for power, Dumbledore's loved ones, such as his sister...
  15. Who kills Bellatrix?
  16. How does Voldemort die?
  17. What does Albus Severus worry about when going to Hogwarts.

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