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The show "Stranger Things" has been a huge hit since it came out. I know there are many fans like me out there that would love to see how much they know about the show.

WARNING! there are *spoilers ahead* so if you haven´t finished watching it i recommend to finish it and then come back for the quizz. (you were warned)

Created by: Annonymous

  1. (spoilers ahead) How many seasons has Stranger Things released?
  2. What is the name of the boy that goes missing?
  3. What´s the name of the actor who plays Dustin?
  4. What is the first word we hear eleven say?
  5. Which character said this? "she´s our friend and she is crazy!"
  6. In what year does the story takes place in?
  7. how many words does eleven say in the first season?
  8. When does Will go missing?
  9. Mirkwood is located where the streets __________ and ______ meet
  10. What was the name of the first episode o fseason two?
  11. Name the Librarian
  12. Name the Hawkins Poilce Chief: ____ Hopper
  13. Name Eleven´s real name
  14. Name 008/Eleven´s sister
  15. What are the names of 008 friends?
  16. When was Will´s funeral?
  17. Did you binge watch the second season? ;D

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