Are you a true stranger things fan?

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this is simply a quiz to test your knowledge on the amazing Netflix series, Stranger things. it don't matter if you get low marks, you can still be a fan!

the question will tell you how many answers there are for ch question. just remember if your score wasn't as high as you thought, that doesn't mean your not a fan. if you believe your a fan, then you are. HAVE FUN!!!! :D :)


  1. what is the girls name?
  2. what is the monster called?
  3. what board game do they play?
  4. how many episodes are in season one?
  5. how many episodes are in season two?
  6. what is the year, in season one?
  7. who plays Dustin Henderson?
  8. what is Dustin's Cat called. (well before it was eaten )
  9. What is the name of Billy's sister?
  10. And last question, what is the other world called?

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