What Stranger Things Character Are You (Season Two)?

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Hello Strangers! If you have ever wondered what character you are from Stranger Things, the hit Netflix T.V. Show, here you are! You will one of the following characters: Mike, 011, Dustin, Jonathan, Lucas, Max, Hopper, Joyce, Bob, or Will!

This is an accurate and fun test! You'll need to answer quickly and from the heart for the best results. Thanks for considering this test. Hope you enjoy, good luck!

Created by: Joshua Hartley
  1. If your closest friend was taken by a Demogorgon, what would YOU do first?
  2. You are trapped in a wood shed with the demogorgon directly outside the shed, you have the choice of these five weapons, which do you choose? -Shot gun -Ax -Pistol -A long blade -A large metal pipe
  3. In this scenario, who would you save from the Demogorgon if you could only choose one?
  4. How many times do you lie a day (roughly)?
  5. An animal that describes you is a?
  6. Your favorite food is?
  7. If you could have 011's powers or 008's powers, which would you choose?
  8. On Hopper's desk sits a cup of coffe he drank half of and left. It is:
  9. You are a _____ Person?
  10. Your greatest attribute is your? *Ask a friend for help on this one*
  11. Which is the worst feeling?
  12. If you were stuck in the UpSideDown in your hometown, where is the first place (besides home) that you would go to get away from the Demogorgon?
  13. If you had to fight 1 Demogorgon or 2 DemoDogs, which would you choose?
  14. If you know something that Hawkins Lab doesn't, and they decide to torture you until you inform them of the fact, what would you do?
  15. You go on a vacation to California with Max's family, you do what the whole week your there?
  16. To you, Stranger a things is?
  17. What friend would you want if you had to solve a mystery in Hawkins?
  18. I will take in your thoughts of who you think you are most like. Please do not choose your favorite, but the character who fits you and your attitude the most!

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