stop...........part 2

this is a quiz where it talks about bad things happening while someone is writing and introduction, question, or a result. i hope you enjoy this quiz. I know I did too much questions so please try to read them all.

What do you think about Caps lock, inappropriate words, random letters/words? Do you think they are funny? boring? stupid? nonsense? or cool. You can take my quiz and see...

Created by: kittens

  1. you know when you try to take a quiz, and you see some questions or other things that shouldn't be in that quiz.
  2. first example: CAPS LOCK.
  3. Caps lock is where you make your text with big letters (LIKE THIS)
  4. Caps lock is like yelling at someone, but using text.
  5. it even says in the terms and conditions, that you should never put all letters as caps lock in a question, introduction, or results.
  6. second example: inappropriate text
  7. some people make quizzes including inappropriate text or questions just to be funny!
  8. well, it's not funny. Adults aren't the only people that take quizzes on gotoquiz. There are kids that take quizzes here too, and trust me, they do NOT want to see inappropriate questions or words on the front of their screen.
  9. You wouldn't want your child reading inappropriate text no would you?
  10. inappropriate text can make people angry, which makes them want to leave gotoquiz and never come back ever again!
  11. this might be one of the reasons why people in elementary school, middle school, and high school say inappropriate words to other people.
  12. third example: Junk Text
  13. junk text are random letters that people type as a question, introduction or a result because they don't have anything else to say!
  14. for example: ewipnwyncpycwefcpewjefeu
  15. if you don't know what to write then why even make a quiz? Seriously?
  16. people sometimes do that to be funny. but it not funny. "But my friends laugh when I write junk text" well they are probably fake laughing
  17. fourth example: random words
  18. random words are words that don't have anything to do with a subject
  19. for example: my quiz is about how well you know about cats...bananas.
  20. it just doesn't make sense! they sometimes do that to be funny
  21. they also do that because they don't know what to write on their quizzes!
  22. that's all for now. hope you liked it...please rate and comment how you feel about this.

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