Star Wars: Seven Minutes in Heaven!

Do you love Star Wars? Do you have a crush on one of the characters? I know I do ;) Well, now you can see what will go down when you decide to play 7 minutes in heaven with them!

This quiz isn't too dirty, but could be on the lower side of PG-13. It's really more for girls only, but gays and bi's can take it too. I don't know, I'm a quiz maker, not a cop.

Created by: Katie

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  1. What is your trademark?
  2. What will you pull out?
  3. Pick a number!
  4. Pick a color!
  5. Who do you want?
  6. Which movie is your favorite?
  7. Why did you take this quiz? (No effect)
  8. Have you ever seen Star Wars?
  9. Did you like this quiz? (No effect)
  10. Comment and rate? (no effect)

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