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Ever since Star Wars the Phantom Menace came out, there has been a figure that haunts everyones mind: Darth Maul. And now he has shown up in the cartoon series Star Wars: The Clone Wars!

Have you watched the three first shows of Maul? If you think you have what it takes then take this quiz and we'll see what you got. Maybe you'll even be better than me!

Created by: Shannon Bertone

  1. What planet did Savage Opress find Maul on?
  2. What is the name of the Anacondan that led Savage through the planet and ended up tricking him?
  3. What shape id Maul's lower body?
  4. What does Savage say that gets Maul yelling no.
  5. How does Savage bring back Maul's memory?
  6. How does Mother Talzin get Maul off the ship?
  7. What does Mother Talzin use to build Maul's new legs?
  8. Acording to Maul, how does one get the attention of the Jedi during war?
  9. Why does Obi-Wan loose the first fight with Maul?
  10. Who does Maul try to employ into his army first?
  11. What does Maul say when Obi-Wan shows up?
  12. How is Obi-Wan able to cut Savage's arm off?
  13. What does Hondo say when maul tells him, "You will pay for your insolance."?
  14. How does Maul and Svage escape?

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