Darth Vader quiz

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Are you a Star Wars true fan? If you want to find out, complete the following test about Darth Vader, and in a matter of minutes, you will know if the force is with you!

Just twelve simple questions, based entirely on the Star Wars movie saga ( no external sources) will be enough to test your fandom. Let the games begin!

Created by: Manuel

  1. What's the name of Darth Vader's Wife?
  2. What is Darth Vader's real name?
  3. What color was Darth Vader's light saber?
  4. Who was Darth Vader's boss?
  5. What was Darth Vader's home?
  6. Who cut Darth Vader's legs off?
  7. What's Darth Vader's son name?
  8. Who took Darth Vader's mask off?
  9. Who of the following Darth Vader didn't betray?
  10. how did Darth Vader die?

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