Star Wars Rebels

Are you a true Star Wars Rebels fan? What IS a true Star Wars Rebels fan? A true fan is someone who knows the show or book backwards and forwards, with extra tidbits always ready to jump out.

Are you a true Star Wars Rebels fan? Do you have what it takes to become one? Until now you could only wonder and guess. But now, you can find out if you are!

Created by: JediPadawan
  1. What species is Zeb?
  2. What race is Sabine from?
  3. What is Ezra's collection?
  4. What is Kanan's real name?
  5. What weapon does Ezra use?
  6. What is the episode where Ezra's parents first appear? (Voice only.)
  7. What is Hera's call sign?
  8. What TV channel does Star Wars Rebels premiere on?
  9. What species is the Inquisitor?
  10. What is Agent Kallus' code name?
  11. What planet does Star Wars Rebels mainly take place on?
  12. Who was Kanan's Jedi Master?

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