How Much Do You Know About Star Wars?

There are many Star Wars Fans. But Few Are Star Wars Geniuses. Go Ahead And Try My Quiz! I Hope You Do Great! You Are Probably A Fan But Are You A Star Wars GENIUS?

If you win, GREAT. If You Don't, Don't feel bad, just study Star Wars a Little More. Thank You For Taking The Quiz! Good Luck With The Quiz!!!!!!!

Created by: Dylan

  1. Which Sith Lord(s) Created "The Rule of Two"?
  2. Who Does Luke Skywalker Marry?
  3. What is the last thing Darth Maul says before falling into the core?
  4. BONUS QUESTION: Who is Ezra Bridger?
  5. Why does Jabba want Han Solo to pay him back?
  6. Who is Selacious comeb?
  7. Just For Fun: Who is Yoda?
  8. How Many Jedi Council Members Are There?
  9. Which Answer Includes Some of the Council Members?
  10. BONUS QUESTION: Who Is Poggle the Lesser?
  11. Which Planet Does Anakin Go To To Kill The Nemoidians?
  12. Which Planet(s) Does Obi-Wan Fight Anakin On?
  13. Does This Make Any Sense: Anakin Turns To The Dark Side To Save Padme But After One Argument He Tries To Kill Her?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Star Wars?