What Star Wars Army Are You?

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Welcome to the quiz, it is a small quiz I created to find out what Star Wars army you would fit in! I’m just a small Star Wars fan who likes to make quizzes

There is a total of 7 different army’s for you to discover with stats and and an explanation for each one. I hope you enjoy the quiz :). I spent a while making it

Created by: Griff
  1. Firstly, Do you like the light side or the dark side more?
  2. Pick a colour
  3. What would your intentions be with your army?
  4. How Important is your army’s equipment
  5. What type of land vehicles would you like?
  6. What would you like in Ariel Vehicles
  7. What type of fleet ships would you like?
  8. What strategy would you use in battle?
  9. Would you let your troops socialise with each other?
  10. Final question, what type of soldiers would you want to fight in your army?

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Quiz topic: What Star Wars Army am I?