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  • @ xxblutixx

    Oh my god... you just articulated what I've been trying to explain my entire life! Yes I agree that writers are always going to take an idea and ask questions and eventually shape it into their own creation! I could never really explain that as well as you did. I know for a fact that I take a lot of ideas from other things and give it a different spin in my series and I try very hard to encourage people to break the mold BECAUSE THEY CAN! If you've already started writing something you're halfway there. I mean I know I never really wrote much before GTQ. I did some role playing and I'm really good at critquing books but I never wrote anything myself. I came here and the idea of writing came up in my mind and I thought "why not?" I had this idea of "what if a person could travel through time" in my head and I've seen "the time travellers wife" (which I thought was good but a little confusing at times) and I never really answered the question until I thought about writing. Now granted I wasn't thrilled about adding some guys in it, my past experience with guys in books isn't the greatest. For me they're either too goody two shoes *ahem* Peeta *ahem* or too bad boy *ahem* Draco *ahem* for me to connect with. I realized though that the story needed a little fangirlism in it so yeah... there you go. Anyways my point is authors tend to get predictable sometimes because we're not sure of what to do next. Breaking the mold is just something you have to do if you want it to be memerable. Otherwise it's going to be bland as bran cereal. Anyone can break the mold, just don't do what everyone else does... for the most part XD

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • I like the idea with the synthetic vampires, but you'd have to flesh out the idea more before you get really into it. Figure out how they're made, what their purpose is/was, how they work, strengths/weaknesse s, and if they are capable of emotion or not. For the second idea, I really like the exerpt and how there's a lot of raw tension and mystery. You can do a lot with either idea but if you had to put a gun to my head I'd say go with the vampire idea. Now make no mistake I usually hate vampire stories. The story either falls into A: some chick falls in love with a vampire and s--- happens B: a vampire apocalypse happens and it turns into a survival story C: some vampire whining about his life. I believe you can do great things with this idea and remember this is all just my opinion. If you want to do any of those go right ahead. I've heard a lot of good things about your A Team series and I think I'll read it sometime. (I usually screw up when it comes to being in the loop, I'm always the last to know about these things... typical) anyways I wish you the best for deciding. Both ideas are really good and I'm impressed by the exerpts already (very nice detail)

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • ... why have I not read your series before??? From these excerpts it seems like you're a great writer X) ahh I NEED to catch up on your series next, and I keep seeing you release new parts quickly too :S I know I'm not going to help much.... but I like both. The first one if they're synthetic, then that brings up conspiracies, labs, ethics like in the Maximum Ride series sort of stuff you could build off of. The second would have to be more focused on internal feelings and such and interpersonal relations which seems it could be interesting with that guy... what makes him soften looking at the main character? So first I would say is action and second is more character exploration... I think I'd enjoy either story

    @Jadastar123 you have a point where it seems everyone is taking a page off Stephanie Meyer with vampire romance this and that + werewolf this and that, but in my opinion, not every great story has to be 100% original. Yes, something different is refreshing to read, but I think what matters is that the author takes their base subject, whether it be different or ordinary, and shapes it into their own to create something unique

  • None. Jeez. There is too many vampires in this world today. I'm a writer too. Just because school is getting ready to start doesn't mean that it's to late to start writing. It's going to take long to write the story regardless. Come up with something unique and original. Don't forget to rewrite the story after you finish. P.S wolves is not original. Make up your own creature that is way more fun than wolves.

  • thanks :) I guess synthetic vampires it is. But if I get bored, I might as well start 'Can't Be With or Without You'. You never know because my attention span really sucks :\ So Imma name it '250 Synthetic Years Without You'. Yes there will be love. But it's definitely not a Twilight thing. Seriously, everyone thinks vampires somehow always correlate with Twilight. ITS ONE SERIES OK GUYS? There are dozens of good vampire books out there that were made before it.

    Jadastar123: I agree. too many of those things running around because of the trend started by Stephanie Meyer. But every writer has different ways to write their story. The best thing about supernatural stuff is that you can bend the facts to your will and no one would give a damn because it's meant to be like that. Twists and turns.

    Like @xxblutixx said, not all stories have to be unique. Sure, something completely wacked out like 'The Hunger Games' totally rock. But if all good stories are different, then there wouldn't be many books. It's the way a writer chooses to express and build up on the idea. People like Stephanie Meyer inspire others, and that is where new ideas are born. It keeps building on, until something completely unique pops out. It's like uh..generation. Yeah that xD

    School is not an issue. I'm worried about my procrastination, attention span (ADHD?), etc. I really don't want to be the one to make something that everyone loves (hehe I'm so modest) and then just leave them wondering what will happen in the next part. That honestly sucks. I try to never become one of those writers.

    250 Synthetic Years Without You. There will be romance because, just because. It won't be that predictable. And yes, I have plans already for it. It won't have the chick fall in love with a vampire or will it turn out into a vampire apocalypse thing where you have to sleep with your eyes open and dagger by your hand (though no matter how tempting it

  • Man-made vampires! There isn't enough sci-fi on here! And sci-fi is cool B) . Though if you did the other, I would still read it. Ummm...Titles...The Vampire Facility/Institute/ Society(Just one, of course)?No...Vampir e Creation? At this point I should just suggest Twilight XD .Just...Google 'random title generator' and get some ideas from that.

  • I think you should you do both. They both sound very interesting, though I like the vampire idea more. I'll be sure to read any new story quizzes you put on GTQ!

  • I like the second one. You could do more with it. While the synthetic vampires one would be more predictable and difficult to add to. That's just my oppinion though. You should do which one appeals to you more. ^.^

  • Just realised my comment got erased... Um but I dont which one i like both to be honest but um whatever you think is better you go with. I would love both either way...

  • I love the sythetic vampires idea! It sounds so cool! but it doent matter because you are an amazing writer! I doesnt matter what the story tells, its how you write it. And you have talent!

  • I really like both series and I would be happy reading either one of them. I will just keep an eye out for either of them!

  • What ever you write is just fabulous i hope you write a book one day because i will be your biggest fan

  • Second one

  • You put a lot of detail into your stories. I like both! Whatever you choose, I'm with you 100% :)

  • You like U2?

  • ivoryleaf

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