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  • Spirit Albarn

    You're very protective and supportive of your family and friends,you're also loyal to your faith,and you would do anything for the people you love,however you're a flirter,you tend to drink and flirt alot with people the opposite gender of you,you don't mean to it's just apart of who you are,you tend to have to look over some of your friends shoulders to make sure they're not going to do something bad,you're sort of like a watch Dog,kind and friendly,protective ,brave and watchful,but also smart and patient,you have a tendency to let your emotions take over though. You get along with: Your God,Friends and some family You don't get along with: Anyone who harms your family,or friends


  • Your Result: Justin Law 86%

    resultyou were the youngest Deathscythe alive,a legend among Shibusen,you have a happy yet polite personality,yet you hide your true self,you have a darker side to you then you let people see,you don't show it very often,only when you feel you can,you like to make peace with things rather then cause Destruction,but if it comes to it you can be pretty badass,you're a very Religious person,very faithful to your God,you're abit of a outcast and don't have many friends,You're more of a loner,but none the less you have talent,skill,and Faith. You get along with: Asura,Shinigami-sam a You don't get along with: Anyone who opposes your God Rival: Giriko

    Aww... I wanted to be like Stein-kun...

  • Giriko Sou. But I'm not THAT bloodthirsty? Only to b----es who really piss me off >:( Anyway, good quiz :]

    Loony Luna

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