sonic the hedgehog 2 trivia

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There are many people that have played Sonic games, but only some know the answers to the original Sonic games on the Sega Genesis.Be the first of your friends to be A Sonic genius.

Are you A Sonic genius? Check out this test to find out if you have a good memory from Sonic the hedgehog 2 game. Waring, I am NOT responsible for any headaches.

Created by: Breymond Townsend
  1. What is Tails's full real name?
  2. What is the eighth zone in Sonic the hedgehog 2?
  3. who is Sonic's arch enemy?
  4. What are the best 2 items (not my opinion) (ratings)in the entire game?
  5. What is the second to last zone in the game?
  6. What is Sonic's new feature?
  7. What can be named as the most annoying enemy in the game?
  8. What can be named as the most annoying zone in the game?
  9. The final Zone is?
  10. The first zone is?

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