Somehow They're Alive (part 6)

Welcome to part 6 of "Somehow They're Alive"! I think that you guys will like this one. In this one Audrey becomes what you might call a permanent member...

of the group. Also, I have a question for you guys to answer at the end. Don't worry it isn't trivia or anything like that. I'm just in need of your oppinions for something.

Created by: Topaz

  1. ***Ryan's Point of View ~ Audrey's House***We counted all of the money that we have between us to see if we could afford a hotel room. After counting we discovered that we only have fifty-seven dollars and seventy cents. At least that's what it amounts to in Irish money. With that we decided that we'd never be able to get a room. Because of that Audrey's dad made another offer to let us spend the night at his house as long as we stay in the basement. "I'm really going out of my way here, so you'd better behave. By that I mean don't leave this basement unless I say it's okay. It also means girls sleep in one room, and boys sleep in the other. Finally it means that neither of you boys is to visit my Audrey alone. If you want to say anything to her you need to take one of your girly friends with you. Understood?" We all nod and say yes. "Thank-you for letting us spend the night here," I say. "We really appreciate it." "Then prove it by following my rules." Jay and I he says, "Especially you two. Just to make sure we're clear let me tell you boys a little secret." "What secret?" asks Jay. "I don't trust teenage boys!" With that as his final note, he walks up the stairs and slams the door. I can't help but chuckle to myself. Audrey is very nice, but neither I nor Jay would ever like her in that way. Of course, we'll still respect his rules. Offending him wouldn't be a smart move considering that he's giving us a ride to Killarney and letting us spend the night here.
  2. I'm surprised at how nice the basement is. There are two separate rooms that have been made into guest rooms. Each has a bathroom with a shower stall attached. In between the two rooms is a family room with whicker chairs and a large comfortable sofa all covered in pillows. There's another room as well that's used as a pantry/storage room. This basement is probably nicer than any motel room that we might have gotten. Rayla finally breaks the awkward silence that Audrey's father left. "Well, I'm taking a shower and going to bed. Who knows how early he'll make us get up." Twiddling his thumbs Jay says, "I'm going to do the same in the guy's bathroom. Plus I need to brush my teeth. My mouth still tastes like vomit from earlier." Tammy runs in the direction of the girl's bedroom. To Jay she says, "Thanks for that wonderful piece of information." To Jaslina, "Sorry, Jaslina, but I'm getting one of those beds before Rayla can. She already got the loft back at the hotel room." Jaslina and I are the only two left in the family room. We both move to sit on the couch. I can't help but gaze at her. Jaslina looks so pretty with her hair down around her shoulders while clutching a pillow. She pushes her hair behind one of her ears with an index finger about to say something.
  3. Chuckling, Jaslina says, "Something tells me that they left us here on purpose." "I'm sensing the same thing. Let's just hope that they aren't spying." I wrap my arm around her and she rests her head on my shoulder. "Does this mean that we're together?" Her eyes light up with happiness. "I reckon it does, my sweet." After a slight pause, "What about my sweet? Is it okay if I call you that?" "Yes. I actually like that one." I feel a grin coming across my face. "What do you like about it?" "It isn't food related, sweetheart." Twisting a lock of blonde hair around my index finger I reply, "Sweetheart? Now you're nicknaming me?" "Yup. You should've known that I'd nickname you." "True. But if you're going to nickname me, I prefer something more manly." Just as I'm about to say something else Audrey's dad opens the basement door. He hollers down the stairs, "Lights out! You'd better go to bed, because we're leaving at eight thirty tomorrow morning!" He slams the door. Jaslina and I stand up and walk toward our rooms. "Goodnight, my beautiful girlfriend." "Goodnight, Ryan. I'll see you in the morning."
  4. ***Jaslina's Point of View ~ Limerick, Ireland ~ The Next Day***We've been in the car for an hour, and we had to make a pit stop in Limerick. Audrey's dad wants to make sure that we don't run out of gas, so we're at a gas station. The good side that I saw of him yesterday is completely gone; he's very mean. I don't see how Audrey and her mom live with him! "If anybody has to go potty, then do it now. I'm not making any more stops." Audrey is the first to step out of the van. "Dad, we aren't five. You don't have to tell us to go potty." "I'm just trying to make sure that I'm extra clear, Audrey. Don't get mouthy with me." Audrey really wasn't getting mouthy. Anybody could tell that she was only kidding. Feeling bored I get out of the van and go inside to buy something to eat. All I had for breakfast was a cereal bar, so I'm starving. The others follow my lead and leave the van. "Jaslina, wait up!" I pause while Tammy and Rayla catch up with me. "Hey, guys," I say. "Did you actually get any sleep?" Completely ignoring my question, Rayla says, "Is it true? Tammy said she heard everything." Feeling confused, I say, "What?" Seeing my confusion, Rayla re-words the question. "Are you and Ryan really dating?"
  5. "Oh, that's what you're talking about. Yeah, we're really dating." They both engulf me in a hug. "We're so happy for you!" they say in unison. I laugh. "I didn't think that you guys would care if we were dating." Tammy says to me, "Jaslina, in the past week we found out that Ryan's mom kidnapped your dad and sister; we made ourselves come to a foreign country in a futile attempt to find them, and on our way to finding them our rental car got stolen with all of our cell phones and money. We could use some happy news!" With the money that we have we each grab a small snack. The whole time they're asking for details about our first date. Hopefully Ryan won't mind it that I'm filling Tammy and Rayla in on everything. Ryan and Jay eventually join us at the checkout counter. Ryan is about to say something to me, but is interrupted. Looking frantic, Audrey rushes through the door and toward us. Her hair is strewn about and she has a swollen lip. "Come quick!" she's yelling. "Something terrible has happened!" "What?!" we say practically in unison. "My parents! Somebody took my parents!"
  6. We drop whatever it was we were buying and rush outside. Tammy says, "Calm down, Audrey. Just tell us what you saw." "I can't calm down! All I know is that one minute I'm sitting in the van, and the next minute two people are shooting blow darts at my parents and dragging them into a big white van!" I feel my blood pumping. "What did they look like?" I ask. With tears streaming down her face she says, "I didn't get that good of a look at them, but I don't think that they were adults. They looked like teenagers. One was a girl with long black hair, and the other was a blonde boy." For a moment she doesn't say anything, but then she continues. "I tried to fight the boy, but he was too strong. The girl left a note on the windshield, and then yelled the boys name and said "˜let's get out of here!'." I collapse on the ground in a heap. It's not hard to tell that Tammy, Ryan and Rayla are thinking the same thing I'm thinking; Jay just looks scared and confused. "What name did the girl yell?" I ask. "I can't be sure. It was something like" "Landon." She points to me. "Yes, you just said it. She called him Landon." Ryan sits on the ground next to me and holds me. I can feel him shudder, so I know that he's just as scared. I was right. This is going to be last summer all over again.
  7. *** "Dear Jaslina, I told you that things would get ugly if you didn't leave Ireland. You and I both know that I'm not one to make an empty threat. You're just lucky that we decided to show you mercy both today and yesterday. Our mercy is going to soon run out if you don't leave like we've asked you to. Both you and your friends will pay, or Audrey's parents will. However, it doesn't have to be this way; I'm willing to make a deal. If the five of you go back to America and decide to give up on this hopeless search of yours, then we'll set Audrey's parents free and everybody will be safe. Besides, you'll never find your dad or Josephine anyway. They're hidden somewhere where you'll never find them. P.S. Thanks for the money and the phones. Our resources were running low. I'd thank you for the car, but we didn't really need that." "Why didn't either of you tell us about Sapphire's first letter?! We could've turned it into the police and gotten them arrested!" shouts Tammy. We read the letter together, and the others didn't know what Sapphire meant. Since there was no way to get around it Ryan and I were forced to tell them about my lost notebook and the letter that was written in the cover. For once I yell back at Tammy. "You know what would happen! They would make us give up our search and go home! They'd never believe us about dad and Josephine even with Sapphire's letters!" Rayla cuts in. "Jaslina, you read that letter. Sapphire and Landon have them. We'll never be able to find them without getting killed or captured! This is hopeless!" "And think of my parents. If you go back to America like these people are asking, then they won't harm them." Ryan says something so quietly that it's barely audible. "Yes they will," he says. "Sapphire and Landon are a couple of liars. They'd never let go of a captive. Your parents are going to get hurt whether we leave or not."
  8. "Then we have to call the police," says Audrey. "If your leaving won't really solve this, then the police can." "No they can't. Sapphire and Landon would probably harm them worse if they were trying to avoid the police. Really, if we make one false move, it could mean the death of somebody." "Let me make sure I understand you," says Jay. "If we go home or stay here and call the police we're putting her parents in danger. But if we stay here and continue on with finding Josephine and Jaslina's dad we're putting ourselves in danger. Is that right?" Feeling stressed, Ryan runs his fingers through his hair. "That's right. This is a touchy situation." Jay buries his face in his arms. "What did we get ourselves into?!" "Another horrible situation like last summer's. That's what!" says Tammy. Audrey's face looks like a combination of irritation, sadness and confusion. "Alright," she says, "You people need to tell me who you are, what you're talking about, and who those people were that took my parents. This involves me, and I need to know everything." I say, "Are you sure that you want to know everything? It's a long story."
  9. "If it has anything to do with the situation at hand then you need to tell me." While we're telling her the story we get in the van and continue onward. Since Ryan knows the address of the people's house and everything we let him drive. The thing that shocks me is that Audrey agreed to come with us the rest of the way to Killarney. For some reason she seems to trust us. We tell her everything there is to tell starting with my kidnapping last summer. The whole time she's listening intently. Once we finally get to the end I look out the window and discover that we're driving down a dirt road. "So those two people who took my parents tried to kill you in Iraq last year?" she asks. "Yeah, and they almost got away with it too." "Wow. This is a lot to take in." "I'm sorry that we had to drag you into this, Audrey. We never meant to," Rayla apologizes. "I understand. It's just that it was a close call for you last time. I'm just hoping that you'll be lucky enough to get through this ordeal too." As I listen to them talk I'm still looking out the passenger side window. I thought that Killarney would be a city, but all I see is grass, mountains, and sometimes a house.
  10. "Ryan," I say, "are you sure that this is Killarney?" "Don't worry. I know where we are." "So where are we?" "We're near Killarney, but not in Killarney. Luckily Audrey's dad has a cell phone that got left in the truck; it has internet access. I looked up the address and found out how to get here. Tom and Rosie actually don't live in a city." "So we're in the right place? I thought you said that they own a restaurant." "They do. They live out in the country, but close enough to civilization to run the restaurant. They don't live too far into the wilderness." "Ryan, what would we do without you?" After only ten minutes we pull into the driveway of a cute little house with wooden siding. The other houses looked modern despite their rural location, but this house isn't modern by any means. With the wooden siding, the chimney, and the large front porch it looks like something out of a pioneer movie. I expect to see Laura Ingalls run out the door any minute. "Should we go knock?" I ask. Ryan opens his door. "No, I will. The reason for my sudden appearance might take some explaining." With that as his final note he walks slowly up to the front door. Hopefully we can trust these people.

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