Someday nothing will be left for us (part 9)

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Hey part 9 is here. I hope you enjoy yourselves and have a fun time. Please comment. It helps me and everyone else on gotoquiz I bet if you comment on how you think. Thank you for taking my quiz. If you have any questions thats what comments are for. Have fun!

Tsuna looks up at leon. The shape shifting chamelion. He is then split in half from Ken who is possessed by Mukuro. Two objects fall into Tsuna's hands. Tsuna hoping for a glimmer of hope to save his friends sees wool gloves. "WOOL GLOVE! How are these going to help my other then give me better blood circulation!" he shouts. Gokudera charges with a knife trying to stab him. (Katekyo Hitman Reborn by Amano Akira)

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. You sit on your bed. Your door is locked. No one is in with you. You look at your purple wall. Laying on your side you enjoy the silence but not the solitude. You look at your hand an remember the last New Moon celibration you had. It was very fun for everyone else. You remember the year before that as bright as day but the other two days of the previous one is a blur. You felt like you met someone you weren't suppose to. Snow, fear, and hatred filled inside you at the time. But also pain. Not yours you. You feel like grinning.
  2. "Cayaha my sweet child. Innocent and pure. You don't have to run away in fear anymore. Remember your promise you made?" says a voice in your head. It was the same as the one you were dreaming about before you woke up in this room. "Remember what your master told you to do," it says. "Who are you?" you whisper. "You know everything. You know me, you remember what you have done. You just want to bury it inside you. Not wanting people to find it. But I and others have seen your true nature..." the voice coons. "What do you mean?" you say sitting up. The voice laughs and fades away. You look around. Your vision darkens and becomes bright again. You thought you saw a blood stain on the wall. But there was nothing. You stand up to leave the room. Instead of seeing the white wooden door. You see a dark icy blue door with chains on it. You unlock it and leave the room. Seeing a black brick hallway. Dirty with strange stains everywhere.
  3. You walk down the mysterious hallway and see cages being held by chains from the ceiling. "Cayaha?" you hear a bloody croak. Your brought back to the present and see Michael. "Michael?" you say not recogizing the name. "Are you okay?" he asks. "Oh....I'm fine. Want me to show you around a bit?" you ask a little too enthusiastic. "It's a house Cayaha. Not a museum," Michael says. "Right.....Michael.....why wont you tell me anything?" you ask holding his arm. "I already told you I can't," he says. "Is it because you don't want me to find my true nature?" you ask. "True nature? Cayaha you are your true nature," Michael says. You then see blood dripping down his fore head. Scratches all over him. You felt like stabbing him or ripping out his throat for fun. You shake your head. Trying to force the images and thought away from your mind. "Cayaha?" Michael asks. His face softens and you see he is alright. You run back to your room and slam it. Locking the door tightly. You cover your mouth. Trying not to vomit. You fall to your butt slowly, leaning your back on the door. "You can't escape Cayaha...." voices chanted in your head. "ESCAPE WHAT!?" you yell.
  4. Days later you hear the voices more often now. You wish they would go away. Yet then again you didn't. The voices started to do chants. Saying "Sacrifice......sacrifice...." Echoing in your head. Making you want to rip out your ears. You finally came to a conclusion. You walk right out of your room. You see Cole, Jake and Michael were having a talk. "Michael," you say in a growl. You weren't in control of you words or body. "Tell me everything your not telling me," you say. "Cali I don't think thats the real problem here. Chaos is. Your memories may not be a-" Cole was saying until you interrupt, "This is between me and him! Michael, tell me or else....." you say. "I can't....." Michael says. "Why!?" you yell. "Cali calm down!" Cole says. "Because you wont let me...." Michael says. "What?" you ask. "You wont let my. You know the truth and your having flash backs right now I'm guessing or in your dreams. You know why...." Michael says. "Can you show me want to see your blood..." you say. "Cali?" Cole asks with confusion and concern. "Wait I didn't mean to-" you were saying but Michael sighs. "I really didn't want you to remember me. Forget me in your past with someone remember him. I know....the voices tell you to run to him. Not me...." Michael says as if he was in pain. "Wait who?" Cole asks.
  5. He smiles "I remember my promise I made you for your dream....." "What promise?" Jake asks. "You know Cayaha......everything...." his white eyes turn grey. Chains appear on his hands and feet. "What the?" Cole says in surprise. "Michael..." you say stunned. Then he fades away with a sad smile. You then fall down. A stabbing pain fills your head. You remember everything. You remember what happened.
  6. You remember what happened at the New moon celebration. You met Dustan. You danced with him and tried to find out Michael but then you soon forgot about him. Months later you met Dustan's master. Chaos. She soon became yours. You remember seeing Michael there. You actually tortured him. Causing pain for everyone of Chao's prisoners. You were waiting for Michael to give in but he never did. He was still loyal to you. You remember knives you used on him. His screams and you enjoyed yourself. Then one day you were at a warehouse. You found books on how to wake up Chaos. "So if we have a sacrifice then she'll wake up..." Dustan says reading th book. "Does it ask for any specifics?" you ask. I need to look into this further," Dustan says.
  7. "A desendent of the first ancestors....." he says. "I don't think that anyone has a single drop of blood from the ancestors anymore...." you sigh. "Well it's the only way for Chaos to wake up...." Dustan states. He looks at you with those firey red eyes. "Maybe chaos knows who it is....or maybe we can use this spell....." he says reading the text. You walk next to him. You look at a girl tied to a chair with rope. "Who are you people?!" she demands. "Can you be quiet...." Dustan says with fustration. "First off what are you?" she asks sharply. "Shut your mouth. Or those will be your last words..." you growl. " Cayaha those are going to be her last words...." Dustan says. "What do you mean? Your some type of psyho killers?" she says. "We are not psyhos....." Dustans eyes glow blood red. "We're just following our masters orders....." he says. "Master?" she says with confusion. "Don't worry you'll meet her soon enough...." you say cruelly. The doors burst open. You Light fly into the room. Some soldiers bursting in with weapons and armor. They all surrounded you. You see Michael enter with was white jacket with blue lining. Black pants and a pair of swords on his back. You couldn't see his eyes from under his white hat that reminded you of a train conductor's hat. "You under arrest...." he says. "Michael long time no should be spitting your guts out by now...." you say. He looks at you. His face filled with sadness but hardens. "Dustan Findly and Cayaha Brennan. You two are under arrest by the Union military," he says sternly. "This isn't good.....Guess we are going to have to go to plan B......." Dustan snickers. You couldn't help but smile. "Michael hope you have fun..." you say grabbing the books. "Cayaha, don't forget this....." Dustan hands you a bottle with a blue liquid. "Don't let them escape..." Michael says.
  8. You run and turn around from a safe distance. You see Dustan hold up his black staff and a black fog swirls around it. He winks at you and you drink the liquid. You slowly forget your memory. You run while some of the military chase you. You hold the books tightly. "Till we meet again...." you whisper. Then the door on the other side of the warhouse opens and you see Cole, Jake and Jared with guns. "This is the place......what the what?" Jared says looking at you and the others. A soldier jumps in front of you and turns into a big beautiful black horse. It's mane was a flame purple and it tries to trample you. You dodge. You forget who this is. Another grabs out his sword and tries to slice you in half. Jake shoots at him. Knocking the sword out of his hand. Then you pass out.
  9. You blink your eyes and see yourself in the present. Your on your knees and you were crying. "Cali......" Cole whispers. "Why....why did I do those terrible things..." you croak. "What happened?" Jake asks. "We captured your girlfriend when she was snooping through our books one day. We decided that she was going to be the human sacrifice...." you explain. "What?" Cole looks at you. "I was working under Chaos with a guy that I liked named Dustan...." you admit. Cole just stared at you. "Michael escaped the prison in Chao's domain and got here somehow. He tried to stop us. I grabbed the books and drank a potion. Making me forget everything. Dustan transported Michael and his men to Chao's domain........." you say. Cole looks at you with anger. "You tried to kill my girlfriend?" he snaps. "I'm sorry!" you say. "So those people trying to kill you were Michael's troops....." Jake says. Cole's hands boil up into fist and leaves. Slamming the door to his room.
  10. "What about what just happened now?" Jake asks. "Chaos must have summoned him......I'm confused on one can she be awake without the full sacrifice....." you say. "You were our enemy all this time...." Jared growls. Jake holds his hand up to silence him. A tear ran down your cheek. "What I done to people.....What I did to Michael....yet he was still there for me......" you whisper, "I deserve to die...." Jake holds out his hand to you. You look up at him in shock. "What are you-" you say but he interrupts saying "We can't change what we did in the past. But we can fix them in the present to change the future." "What are you-" Jared says with surprise. "Your not the same from before.....I can tell from your eyes. They show fear and sadness....unlike the time when we first saw you...." he says. The voices in your head say "He's lying.....your still going to hurt people. You'll make them suffer!" "I can't be forgiven....." you say. Light the phoenix flies next to you. She looks at you with her crystal blue eyes. "People can change and things can be forgotten. Now do you want to fix everything or mourn?" Jake asks. You look down. You take his hand.

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