Someday nothing will be left for us (part 3)

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Hello world, part 3 is out for "Someday nothing will be left for us" series. I hope you enjoy this series. Comment on how you thought of it. I encourages me to continue writing. Enjoy oyu'reselves.

You don't know who you are, or where you're from. You see this guy in you're dreams that you recgonize yet you don't. You're with a group with some that trusts you and others that don't and one who can't figure that out. What's next? Can you ever get you're memories?

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. Weeks pass on by and the guys don't trust you. At least they act that way toward you. Espeacially Cole. Maddison on the other hand treats you nicely. You could consider her as a friend. Though the couple of weeks that you live with them you stay in you're room. Staring at the ceiling deep in thought. Trying to grasp you're memories. You never can. But you still dream of that one guy. He keeps you going each day and you wish you could be with him more. But you're starting to get nightmares. You don't know what but you're falling. Falling into darkness. A hand is reached out toward you. You try to grasp it but something else grabs you're feet. You try to see the person but can't make it out. Instead you fall. You look down in the darkness and feel that there's no hope for you. No one can help you escape this. Then you wake up.
  2. You either have that dream or the one of the guy. No one in the house really speaks to you except for Maddison. She became a usual visit to you're room each day. After two weeks of this you were having that dream. The one that you fall. But before you don't see the hand you a shaken awake. You open you're eyes and see Maddison. She was wearing a pink tank top with blue jeans. Her hair was tied into two poney tails on her sides. "Wake up sleepy head. You can't go to bed this early" she says. She pulls you out of bed by the arm. You stumble almost falling. You were wearing a borrowed pink night gown that went up to you're knees and you put on some slippers as she dragged you out of her room.
  3. You notice that the sun was down. It was a half moon. Jake came out of the kitchen holding bowls of popcorn and candy. Jerry was laying on his belly staring at the tv. Like he was having a staring contest. Cole was spreaded out on the long couch with a can of moutain dew. "Okay is everyone ready for-" Jake was saying but saw you and Maddison. "What is she doing here?" Jerry demanded. "She's been here for a couple of weeks and showed no bad intentions. All she's been doing is sleep in her room and help me cook for all you guys. While you ignore her and treat her as if she has a disease. I believe she should part of this event for this not blood related family." Maddison says. "Maddison you-" you try to say but she says "don't worry I got you're back. We are all human beings and shouldn't ignore people. Especially when they can't remember anything. That's already torture enough. Have some heart you guys."
  4. "I don't see a problem with that," Jake says "She has showed no hostile motives or moves." "You can't be serious Jake...." grumbles Jerry. "Cole?" Maddison says. Everyone including you looks at him. "Sure....." he says. "Okay!" Maddison claps her hands together. "I'm going to order pizza. Pepperoni, supreme, bacon and sasage together. Do want a specific?" she asks you. "Um what ever you like..." you say quickly. She nods and walks to the kitchen for the phone. Jerry sighs and rolls on his back "This night I've been looking forward to for a month and now it's ruined....." "I'm sorry..." you say feeling really bad. "I can leave...." you say about to walk away but Cole says "Stay...Jerry stop you're complaining. Common sit," he sits on the edge of the couch instead of laying on it. Leaving room for you. Cautiously you sit on the other edge. Putting down you're slippers neatly. Not wanting to insult their hospitality.
  5. "So what's the event?" you squeak. "A scary movie. One about a zombie apocolapes," says Jake sitting in between you and Cole. Jake had black shorts with yellow stars and a blue shirt that had a guy in pajamas with a bomb, saying "Don't wake me up..." Jerry had on his spaceship pajama pants and a black t-shirt. Cole had on blue sweats and a grey shirt. Maddison came and sat down on one of the empty couch chairs. "Cole chose this month's scary movie," Jake also stated. "Lets get this over with..." Jerry sighs unhappyily about you're presence. The tv's screen changed, showing a play screen.
  6. The movie showed dead people eating the living. Chacing a group of people who tried to survive. You flinched when you saw the blood and gore. The groaning of the dead rising from the ground to eat the living frightened you. You were holding a pillow. You were hoping that the last survivers of the town would live the nightmare. One by one they died. Until there were two left. A boy and girl who really liked each other. They were taking refuge in a hotel. They were trying to see if any zombies were in the building. Once it was clear. the barricaded all the openings of the hotel. The girl said "This is a living nightmare....." She looked like she wanted to cry. "Don't worry.."said the guy. He held her hand. "You have me. In a day we'll be at the refugee camp outside of town. We'll be safe there. I promise." The girl nodded and they fell asleep in the corner holding hands and shot guns. Then a zombie banged on the door. You covered half of your face with the pillow. You're eyes watching. "They're in!" the guy cursed. "I thought we blocked all enterences!" the girl said. They climbed out the window to the roof. There was an army of zombies below them. They reached the roof and zombies were there too. They stared crawling toward them. The guy and the girl looked at each other knowing they couldn't escape. They kissed as the zombies killed them. The movie ended. You covered you're face with the pillow.
  7. "Hey Cali are you okay?" Maddison asks. You weren't. It wasn't just the movie and how the couple died. It reminded you of something. You knew it was something terrible. "I'," you conclude. Jerry snickered. Jake kicked him. "I'm going to sleep....." you say. "Hey you haven't ate anything..." Maddison says. "I'll be alright," you force a smile. You get up and was about to leave but you turn and bow "thank you for letting me be part of this event...." you say then go to you're room. You lay in you're bed and stare at the wall across from you. What did that ending remind you of? You bite you're lip. You're hands fists. Your nails cut you're fingers by accident. Someone came in.
  8. It was Cole. "Hey you alright?" he asks a bit cold. "I'm fine.....The movie was interesting....." you say. He see's you're hands. "Hey are you okay?" he asks. "Let me see...." he grabs them and see the cuts that you made by you're nails. "Let's clean this..." he was saying but you pull you hand away. "No.......I'll be's just a cut...." you say. "Look, common-" he was saying but you jump back and say "NO!" he was surprised by you're reply. "Please......Just leave me....I'm trying to gather my thoughts..." you whisper. He touches you're head "You're burning up.....did that zombie movie really scare you?" he asks concerned. "It's not just the movie...." you say shivering. "I'm- trying to remember-the ending reminded me of-some-something...." you say. He looks at you up and down. "Look let me get you the thermo-" he was saying but a scream surged through you're mind. You covered you're ears. Trying to block it out.
  9. "You're going to die! No one will save you......all because you won't give in. You're going to make everyone around you suffer. You'll die a slow death." the voice scream. "Get out!" you scream. Clawing at you're ears. "Hey Cali calm down!" Cole says. "That's what happened before you ignorant girl! Remember the pain you caused him! You must feel better that you don't. You poor, cruel, evil girl..." the voice says. "I don't want to hurt anyone! I don't want anyone to suffer. I will never do that. Never!" you say shaking you're head. "Cali!" Cole says. Afraid to touch you. The voice finally left. Leaving you breathing heavily and sweating. "I don't want anyone to be hurt......please leave me alone....." you say catching you're breath. "Cali?" Cole says. "What happened?" Jake ran in. Along with Jerry and Maddison. Maddison runs to you and tried to stop you from shaking. "Cali are you alright?" she asks concerned. "I don't want to hurt anyone....I don't want anyone to suffer." you repeat trembling. "What happened?" Jake asks. "I came in and she was scared. She has cuts on her palm. Then I felt her head and she had a fever. Then she started screaming. Now this," Cole explains. "'s alright. You wont hurt anyone." Maddison says trying to calm you. You don't reply. Then a kinder voice in you're head says "rest...." Then automatically you fall asleep.
  10. You are in the middle of a forest. The trees shined silver. The purple sky didn't have any stars, the ground was soft. Grass grew at some places with some flowers and bushes. You see a bear. The bear looked at you. You didn't run away. Instead you patted it's head. The bear licked you're hand. You smiled. You look down and see you're white dress. But a design appeared on it as you petted the bear. A flower appeared on you're wrist and a bird pinned itself on you're head. You still had white on. But you had a bird pin in you're hair and a flower on you're wrist. A light came from the bear's head and into you're own.
  11. You were smalled and had on a green rain jacket. You're hair was wet and you were cold. You're rubber boots splashed in the water under you're feet. It was a rainy day. You didn't have any unbrella. You look around and see you're in a park. No one was around. There was some swings, a jungle gym, and some trees. There were tall glass building surrounding the park. "Mom?" you call out. No answer. You knew something was wrong. This wasn't you're world. You didn't belong here. You wanted to run and hide. You hear footsteps behind you. You see a tall man with a black trench coat and a black hat. You couldn't see his features. He held out his hand. "I know where you're mother is little girl..." he says. You grab his hand and walk with him. Next thing you know you're in cell. Being tormented and tortured. Staying there for who knows how long. But you meet a small boy a year older then you.
  12. "Hey Cahaya, I have a plan," he says. Je had silver hair white eyes. He was small and weak. "What is it Michael?" you ask. You were 12 and he was 13. "What is it?" you ask. "To escape....." he whispers through the bars that seperate you two. He shows you a small plan about the vents. "If we get ahold of something that'll open the vents over there then we can escape from there," he explains showing a diagram of where the vents lead. You nod and ask "how did you get that?" "One of them dropped it and I was able to pick it up," he says showing you a long stick. "This might work....." you smile. " we need something to open the vent. I'll try to get the cell keys...." he says. "I'll look for that...." you reply with hope in you're voice. You shake hands and nod.

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