Someday nothing will be left for us (part 2)

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Here is part two. There may be some mistakes that I missed or typos. But everyone's not perfect. I hope you enjoy this one and have a fun time. Comment on how you think about it and thank you for taking my quiz. Enjoy!

You were left eating an apple. There's a strange guy in your dreams that you have strong feelings for. The people you are with a cautious with you except for the girl who gave you food. You still can't remember anything......

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. You sit quietly eating you're apple. You grew fond of it and felt sad that you ate it. You also felt that it wasn't your food. The stero was playing "Don't Forget about Us" If only you didn't forget about anything. You didn't feel safe here. You did want to run. Run to someone really important to you. Be in his arms as he protects you dearly. Here you don't feel that at all. Maybe it's because of the previous night, or day? You couldn't tell you had a bag over your head. The four guys came in front of you. Cole the black hair guy stared at you as if you were a creature you didn't understand but could be tamed with the right colar. They were quiet for a couple of minutes.
  2. The girl who gave you the apple finally broke the silence "Okay, since you're in the clear for now we would let you go." You're heart started to do leap. You couldn't wait to leave this house and run to him. "But....." Jerry the blue hair guy interrupts you're thoughts says "We still are quite curious about you. We don't know if last night was the real deal or an act to escape." "In other words we don't trust you alone." The guy with the knife before says. "Very well..." you say taking a bite of your apple. "Okay so do I get a shock colar if I something bad? Like every prisoner gets?" You say serious. Jerry then says sarcasticly "Yeah and if you do good we'll give you apples." "I don't like the apple," you say. "Okay now I'm guessing we have to start-" Jerry continues until Cole interupts harshly "Jerry stop your playing around." "Sorry couldn't resist" Jerry says holding up his hands.
  3. "So you gotta know the crew now," says the girl. "I'm Maddison, thats Cole" she points toward the guy with black hair and hazel eyes. "Thats Jerry the sarcastic one" she points to the guy with blue dyed hair. "Then that is Jake" she points to the guy with brown hair and green eyes. "What- wait you don't know who you are," Maddison says trying to figure out what to call you. "How about Lily?" Cole says crossing his arms. "How about Cali?" Jake says thoughtfully. "How about Spot?" Jerry says sighing. "I like Cali," you say with a small pur. "Cali....." Maddison says thinking, "I like it." "Fine you are now Cali, huray" Cole sighs. "I liked Spot but Maddi what's for breakfest?" Jerry asks. "I dunno, I was going to make some fruit....' Maddison says. "Fruit? I'm going to become a fruitarian because of you." Jerry groans.
  4. "Fine, I'll make some eggs and bacon" Maddison says. "Bacon....yum..." Jerry rubs his stomach. Maddison rolls her eyes and says "Guys..." "May I help you?" you ask. "Sure, could use the extra hand to feed these guys and their tank of a stomach," she says kindly. "Wait-" Jake says but Maddison says "Look, she's not going turn into some monster and kill me." Jake's mouth was open. He closes it and walks away. "I'm going to read..." Jerry says leaving. "I'm going to play some Grandfather...." Cole says sitting on the couch. "Okay Cali...." Maddison says. You stand up "Do you know how to make pancakes?" She pulls out some ingrediants. She holds a spoon and a bowl.
  5. "Yes...." you say. You know you can make pancakes. You made some with someone. You remember a pancake dough fight with them. You had fun and actually you think that was your first kiss. You look at the ingredients she gave you. You frown. The ingredients are wrong. You look around the kitchen and don't finad anything that could help you how you make pancakes. "Is something wrong?" Maddison see's you're confusion. "That's not how you make pancakes...." You state. "That's how I was taught, I was told they were always good," she says. "These are not even ingredients or contements...." You say pointing at some flour. Maddison laughed "Cali, flour is like the base of all pastries. So is corn syrup. Here let me show you..." she starts putting the jars, cups of liquids, eggs, and butter in the bowl. Mixing them together. You watch observantly.
  6. After an hour breakfest was done. The three guys waited eagarly to dig into the bacon. "I'll go to the room I was from. If that's alright with all of you..." you say softly. Cole gives you a hard look. "It's alright here let my show you your room..." Maddison says leading you back to the room you woke up in. "Do you need anything?" Maddison asks. You shake you're head. "Just I want to clear my thoughts...." you say. She nods and closes the door. Locking it from the outside. You lay on your bed staring at the ceiling. "Mike....." You whisper. You feel familar with that name. You roll to you're side and fall asleep crying from something. You don't know what but you know it was terrible.
  7. You are laying down in a meadow of flowers. They were soft and tall. Surrounding you're body. You are looking at the dark sky. There were stars but no moon. It wasn't black thought but a dark purple. The flower's stems were actually gold instead of green with shining dark colors. You feel something touch you're head. It was another's head. "Hi Cahaya..." says a kind voice. You sit up and see the guy with silver hair and white eyes. The night sky showed his smooth flawless skin. You didn't realize before but he seems sad. You could tell from his eyes.
  8. "Hello again...." you reply getting up. You realize you have a white dress with no shoes. You're hair was long and free. You lay down next to him. "So you still don't remember anything...." he says. "No I don't.....I want to say thank you for taking away the voices." You say snuggling up next to him. Feeling safe inside. "Don't thank me.....I wish I could do more...." he says. "I have to. I'm very grateful. I don't remember anything but I feel like I know you. Your someone that I'm really close to. I don't want that feeling to escape my grasp." You state. He looks at you with his beautiful white eyes. "Do they still hurt you?" He asks. "No, they gave me an apple....It wasn't very good," you say. He raises his hand in the air and seems to be holding something. A small pink object appears in his hand. It had purple dots all over it. "These were you're favorite...." he says softly. He hands it to you. You sit up and bite the object. It tasted sweet like chocolate. But fresh like mint. Tingling you're tonge. "I do...." You say after chewing it. " You lay back down next to him. "I love you..." You breath. You had you're head on his chest. You for some reason feel that way towards him. You miss him and want to be with him like this forever. He pet's you're head gently. "They call me Cali..." you say.
  9. "Cali.....that's an interesting name. Very different for Cahaya...that one sounds nice, kind....." he says. "I have a question...." you say. "You may ask it" he says. "Where are we?" you ask. "This world is where I come from. It's parallel to the world you're in now. That's all I can give you...." he says, his words like a drug to you. "Is it where I'm from?" you ask. You look at him in the face. "I can't answer that" he was looking at the sky. His eyes then look at you. You can't tell what he's thinking because he's not smiling. You lay your head next to his cheek. "I like staying like this," you say. "I do too......" he says, "I have to go now....I will find you...." He promises. You nod and feel his presence leave your grasp. You then wake up.
  10. Sit up and feel someone in you're room. You look at the person and see Cole. "You fell asleep?" he asks. You nod. Staying silent. "So......" he breathes out, "what do you know?" "I don't know who I am....where I come from....but the voices tell me to run....Run to someone...I don't know who though...." you say. "Is that all the voices tell you? Is that what caused you to break the lamp?" he asks. "Yes....I got scared......." you say. "Are they speaking to you now?" he asks. "Yes....very faint now....I don't know why though....." you didn't want to tell him about the man in you're dreams. "I you can't remember anything, and hear voices in your head....." Cole sums up. " there anything you need?" You ask. "No....." he looks down. He was deep in thought. He looked like he wanted to punch something or someone really hard. You see his hand boiled in a fist. "I'm trying to find someone....." his hands tremble. You touch them gently and cautiously. He looks at you surprised. "Don't'll find them.....the truth can never be hidden. No matter what...." you say softly. He pulls his hands away and gets up. "Yeah.....right...." he says. "Do I offend you?" you ask worried. "No...." he says looking at you like you might turn into something.

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