Somebody Special Part 8

This is Part 8 of the quiz series Somebody Special. Please be sure to comment and rate! I don't really care about ratings, I just like reading all of your comments. lol.

Taylor looks similar to Nick Santino,He has dimples, brown hair, he's tall and skinny, and he likes reading and drawing. Jerimiah is your best friend in the story. He has amazing skin, glasses that look adorable on him, and black flippy hair. He's hilarious and is an amazing singer. Dakota tends to wear his nerd glasses everywhere. He has brownish/black hair and has perfect teeth. Even if he doesn't look like it, he's really smart. & not to mention he's cute! Elijah is more of the athletic type. He has piercing blue eyes and brown hair, along with an irresistable charm. Jay is more of the musical type. He can play guitar and has black hair with some blonde highlights. He has dimples aswell and beautiful eyes. Matt is a new character with tan skin, brown hair, and forrest green eyes.

Created by: dannicuhh :3

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  1. You fluttered your eyes open and drowsily looked around. You were in a chair, and your wrists and ankles were burning as they were bound together by ropes. You were in a dark room with a faint light hanging on the ceiling, and one door. There were no windows, and it was cold. "Hello?!" You screamed out loud, completely terrified. After a couple of seconds, Matt walked in and sat down next to you. "Sorry." He said. You were taken aback, and gave him a furious look. "Sorry? You're SORRY?! You drugged me, and kidnapped me, and freaking betrayed me!" Matt stared at the ground for a long, long time until he finally sighed and explained. "That wasn't really my dad back in Rome. I met you on purpose, it wasn't an accident. Cameron offered me $50,000 if I helped him out and 'spied.'" "really? really. That's not even a good price! So what? Were you pretending this whole time? Were you pretending to like me? Did you even consider one of us as your friends?!" You interrogated. "I love all of you. But you don't understand! My family and I are on the verge of poverty! I had to do this." He said coarsely. Before you could say another word back, Cameron walked in holding a phone to his ear. He pressed the speaker button and you could hear Taylor frantically asking where you were. "Taylor? TAYLOR HELP ME!" You pleaded. Matt put his hand on your mouth, but you managed to bite his finger. "THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH." You screamed, trying your best to be heard. "Hmm...I'll call you back." Cameron said into the receiver as he pressed the 'end' button. "What does the happiest place on Earth mean?" Cameron asked Matt. You glanced up at Matt and gave him puppy dog eyes. "...I don't know..." Matt replied hesitantly.
  2. "It's not like they're talking about Disney Land. I mean, how the hell could they be thinking about disney land at a time like this." Cameron mumbled out. "What do you want from us?" You squeeked out. "I want a lot. Revenge, power, money." He replied with a slight frown. "But you don't deserve it." You retorted. "You have no idea how much crap I've been through through this mad experience. I've lost soo much. You just don't understand." Meanwhile back at the beach house, the boys were gathered around the phone, eagerly waiting for the call. Emma, Valentine, and Wall-E were wailing over Snuggles being dead. "You guys, when the time comes, think of the happies place on Earth." Taylor reminded the group. "I can't. MY CAT IS DEAD." Valentine complained. "You have to. Right now, we have to save ______ or else she'll end up dead too, okay?" Elijah told her gently. A tear rolled down Valentine's eye as she nodded. The phone rang, and Jay answered it. "Hello?" You winced in pain as the ropes were getting deeper and deeper into your skin. Cameron took out a gun and pointed it at you, while he bargained with Jay. "Let's make a deal. The girl for the robot." Cameron said suprisingly. "Why do you want Wall-E?" Matt asked, a bit confused.
  3. "I'll tell you outside, but for now shut up." Cameron responded rudely. "I'll give you 5 seconds." He threatened. You could hear a conversation on the other side of the line. Wall-E must be important if Cameron wants him. You thought in your head. "5...4....3...2...1." There was a loud gunshot, while you heard wailing from the other line. You screamed and shut your eyes tight, but realized you weren't in pain. Cameron shot Matt. "NO!" You screamed out, trying your best to get out of the ropes. You quickly thought about this action movie you saw where when you're in that situation, you have to break the chair. You started hopping around and finally managed to break it. The ropes were untied and you quckly untied your ankles to get over to Matt, whom was trying to keep as much blood from oozing out from his chest. "Okay Matt, this might be weird. But you have to think of the happies place on Earth. You know what I mean right? We'll get you to a hospital, then you'll be okay, okay?" He nodded, trying to keep his eyes open. "Stay with me now. Don't you dare close your eyes!" You ordered, your voice quivering. "JAY NOW!" You screamed, trying to overshadow Cameron's voice. Fortunately he heard, and you and Matt then evaporated into thin air. It seemed like forever until you felt ground underneath you. You were still holding Matt in your arms, and you were covered in blood. You started sobbing, and heard several voices and some screams. You looked around and found yourself and the others in the disney world parking lot. Tourists were screaming, and calling 911. Everyone was staring at you in disbelief. "HE SHOT HIM! CAMERON SHOT HIM." You yelled, still crying. There was a big scene, and everybody was freaking out. Sooner or later, an ambulance arrived, and Jerimiah held you back while they placed a wheezy Matt on a stretcher. "I want to go!" You pleaded. "I'm sorry but you can't." The ambulance driver said. They shut the doors of the ambulance and the were off to the hospital.
  4. You were covered in blood, and it was disgusting. "I hope he's going to be ok." You muttered. "I think we're all just relieved that you're ok." Dakota said, as he hugged you ferociously. Everyone joined in into a big group hug. Even Wall-E. "What about me?" Asked a familiar voice. Valentine turned around and saw Snuggles standing there, very much alive. She ran to him and squeezed him in her arms. "SNUGGLES! I thought you were dead!" She exclaimed. "I'm a cat. I have 9 lives." He stated with a meow. Valentine and Snuggles joined in, and you then realized how much you loved these people, and how lucky you were to meet them; even if it was a strange way. Taylor reached into his pockets, and pulled out the disneyy world tickets. "I don't suppose it's the right moment to go, huh?" He asked with a small smile. "I suppose not." Said a familiar voice. You turned around and found Dir. Jenkins standing there. He looked at you and asked, "Who were you kidnapped by?" You told him all about Cameron and how he used to be Valentine's ex. "I'm sorry about him. He always was a bit stubborn." Jenkins said. "What do you mean? Do you know him?" Valentine asked confused. "Yes. We discovered the ancient gem last year. We took 7-8 normal teenagers like all of you. Cameron was one of them."
  5. "And what happened?" Jerimiah asked curiously. "He had a relationship with this girl I recall was named Ashley. They were in Greece looking for the final clue, when Medusa turned her to stone. He was absolutely devastated. Later, he got drunk and got into a fight with another one of the boys that killed him. Everyone turned against him, and he was no longer wanted by the agency." Dir. Jenkins explained. "So now...he wants revenge on the agency?" Emma asked. "From me. It's a personal matter. I shouldn't tell you guys." Jenkins answered. "So all we have to do is avoid him and then you can get the gem, right?" Elijah said. "Well no. Cameron is just the beginning of what you'll be facing. The closer you get tot hat gem, the harder it's going to be. The only real challenge though is to not lose your mind. The challenges you will face is going to be test your sanity and you perserverance. I warn you now, one of you will die." Those were his last words, until Director Jenkins evaporated.
  6. You all looked at eachother, and once again, you all evaporated. You were once again at the beach house, and you cringed as you saw the pier. "I'm going to take a shower." You announced as you trudged upstairs. You opened the bedroom door and took a cold shower. You watched the Matt's blood spiral into the drain, and you prayed that he was going to be okay. You stepped out and smelled the ocean air. You changed into fresh new clothes, and walked downstairs to see a note on the counter top. "The tickets are still valid. - Director J." You sighed and plopped on to the couch. "Wall-E? Are you hiding something from us?" You asked him. "No." He replied quickly. "Are you sure? Then why did Cameron want to trade me for you?" You interrogated. "It's non of your concern." Wall-E said sternly with a tone you haven't heard him speak in before. "Okay. But if you want to tell me, which I highly recommend that you do, I'm right here." You told him. Wall-E took a rotten carrot from the fridge and walked back to his room, slamming the door shut. "Wall-E's hiding something from us." You told Jay as he entered into the living room. "What do you think it is?" He asked curiously. "I don't know. I think it's linked to Cameron and Director Jenkins, but I can't put my finger on it. I intend to find out though." Just then, Jay took hold of your wrists and gently touched the forming cuts made from the ropes. "Does it hurt?" He inquired. "a little bit." You replied, "does your's hurt?" "A little bit." Jay responded with a small smile. You smiled back, but noticed he was trying to hide his cuts even thought you knew about it when you were in Vegas. "Can I see your wrists?" You asked him with a worried voice. He didn't say anything, but he showed them to you. His cuts looked fresh. "You told me you weren't going to do it anymore." You reminded him in a soft tone so nobody could hear you. "I know. But I couldn't help it." He replied. "You have to stop. I've heard cutting is an addiction." You warned him. "You don't understand cutting, if you're not a cutter." He whispered. "I'll help you through it." You promised as you intertwined your hands into his. "I promise." You said as you leaned in to kiss him. You smiled to yourself as your lips touched his and it reminded you of the time in the swimming pool where you first kissed him.
  7. "Um..." someone said as you quickly pulled away from Jay. Snuggles was there staring awkwardly at you two. "Snuggles. go away." mouthed Jay. Snuggles hopped onto the couch between you two and started licking his paws. Then Valentine came downstairs with Elijah looking for him, and sooner or later you and Jay had no more privacy. You grabbed Valentine's arm and told her about the interruption. "oh. I'm sorry! I didn't mean to." She apologized. You told her it was ok, and you went back to the couch. The news was on, and you saw a news reporter at the disney world parking lot. "A young boy shot at Disney World. More details at 11." She said. "Great." You mumbled to yourself. "I think we should decided about where we're going next." You suggested. Everyone agreed and you started talking about the different places. It was a tie between Tokyo and Hawaii. The only one that hasn't voted yet was Wall-E, who was locked up in his room. You all huddled up at his door. You were about to knock, when Emma grabbed your hand and mouthed the words, 'wait.' You listened more intenetly and heard Wall-E talking to somebody. "I can't believe Cameron's back. What am I supposed to do?" You heard him say. He stopped abruptly and you could hear footsteps coming closer and closer to the door. You all ran for it and sat casually on the couch. Wall-E opened the door and stared at you all. You stared back in silence and he closed the door. "what was that about?" Dakota asked. "we shouldn't trust him." You said. "What do you mean? He helped us back at the pier remember?" Valentine reminded you. "But Emma, remember when I went to grab your arm out of the clown dude's hands? Well somebody pushed me down on purpose. At first I thought it was Matt, but then I realized that the thing that pushed me was really hard. like made of steel. It was Wall-E that pushed me down." "But why would Director Jenkins send us Wall-E, if he was the bad guy?" Taylor inquired. "That's the puzzling part." You responded.
  8. You all decided to rest, and continue this discussion in the morning. You walked upstairs to your room and lay on the bed. It was around 12 am when you heard a thud. You thought it was just your mind, when you heard 2 more. It was silent for a minute and then the thuds became louder and louder. Freaked out, you went on the beach to investigate. You used a small flashlight you found in your closet to illuminate the darkness. You shined the light straight ahead, but couldn't see anything. Just then, you heard Wall-E's voice. He was walking towards you, so you hid behind a huge boulder. Wall-E was walking with somebody. You tried recognizing the image, but it looked as if it was just a dark shadow. "Are you sure you can give me this?" Wall-E asked. "positive." said the shadow figure. Wall-E stopped walking and look in your direction. You layed on your stomach and sneakily went back inside of the house. That doesn't explain the thuds though. You said to yourself. You went downstairs to get a midnight snack, and then saw what was making the thuds.
  9. Somebody was knocking on the door. You hesitantly opened it, and saw a little girl there. She looked sad and hungry. You invited her in and made her a sandwich, which she devoured in 3 minutes tops. "What's your name?" You asked her. "maddy. have you seen my brother?" She asked you. "Um, I don't know who's your brother?" Maddy drank some juice and replied, "His name is Andy." You looked around quizzically and told her that there was no Andy here. Suddenly, the little girl started crying. "Don't cry Maddy! It's ok. But how did you get here?" You asked her. She stopped crying, and her facial expression became serious. She glared at you, as if she was about to attack you. Then she smiled. You blinked, and she was gone, taking her juice box with her. "What the..." You muttered outloud. You heard footsteps coming downstairs. You turned around and saw Dakota there. "I heard crying, are you ok?" He asked you, with a bat in hand. You laughed a bit and nodded. "There was a little girl here..." You started off saying. You were cut short though, as you saw the little girl again sitting on the couch. "She's right there!" You said pointing. Dakota looked, but there was no girl there. "That's odd. I could've sworn she as right there!" You said. "Maybe you're just tired. You've been through a lot today." dakota suggested. You figured he was probably right, and you walked back upstairs to go to sleep.
  10. You knocked out like a light bulb. You had a nightmare though about Maddy and the strange shadow figure that was walking with Wall-E. It was all blurry, and you couldn't make it out, but the thing that was really puzzling was who Andy was. And if the girl was really just your imagination, then how'd she eat the sandwich? You woke up breathing heavily. It felt like something was covering your mouth and nose with a pillow to keep you from breathing. The sun blinded you, and you wearily lay back down. You rubbed your wrists and ankles as they were still burnign quite a lot. Then you heard a blood curling scream. You quickly got out of bed and ran downstairs. Elijah was sprawled on the floor completely in pain. Blood was oozing out of his leg, just like when he got shot. Valentine was screaming her head off not knowing what to do, so you called for help. Everyone came sprinting downstairs and came to Elijah's side. "What happened?! We already stitched you up while ______ was kidnapped!" Exclaimed Emma. "Somebody...cut it open...while I was sleeping. I woke up...and fell down the stairs..." Elijah managed to croak out. Wall-E came in, normal as ever and stitched Elijah's leg up again. "Do you know who did that to you?" Snuggles asked him listening intently. "Well I felt something by my side. I tried opening my eyes, but it's like something was weighing my eye lids down. All I saw was a sort of shadow figure..." He explained. Your eyes widened when he mentioned the shadow figure and you glared at Wall-E. He didn't seem to notice, and happily went to make some breakfast. "Um...can I talk to you all upstairs. In my room?" You said to the group quietly so Wall-E couldn't hear. They nodded, but you stopped them and motioned them to go one at a time. "I have to go to the bathroom." Dakota said as he reluctantly went upstairs. "I left my tv open. You have to save energy you know." Excused Valentine who was supporting Elijah upstairs. The excuses went on and on until you all met in your room. You told them everything about last night and how you saw the shadow figure with Wall-E and even the little girl and her big bro Andy. "that's so strange..." Emma commented. "We need to find out who Andy is." You said, "and we HAVE to talk to Wall-E and force him to tell us what's going on with him." Everyone agreed, and then out of thin air, a piece of paper appeared on your macbook air.
  11. "Go to the place where the palm trees sway. Don't get to comfy, because it's where the monsters come out to play." You read the note in your head, and then read it out loud to the group. "So...I guess we're going to Hawaii. Not much of a choice there." Jerimiah stated. Dakota's phone rang, and he put it on speaker. "Hi, this is Nurse Jamba from the hospital. One of our patiens here, Matthew Kelly is ready to go home and since it's so far, we're going to drop him off there with charge. This is his home, right?" Your eyes lit up, knowing that Matt was okay. "Yes, this is his home. And how much will it be?" dakota answered. "$150.00 + tax. Matthew claimed that he knew the directions already, so we won't need your service any longer. We'll be there in 5 hours, thank you and goodbye." Dakota hung up the phone and put it away. "So I guess Matt's coming home." Valentine said. "Are we really going to just let him come into this house after what he's done?" Jay asked with concern. "He has information and he's a good guy. He just got shot. Let's let him stick around; but don't trust him too much. That's a mistake I've made." You uttered.

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